“If I had not seen it there is no way I would believe these are the same doors. They now work so well. It’s amazing the difference a proper installation can make.”



Our client had a stainless steel mesh (similar to our SecureView) product installed onto a new home in 2006. They spent almost $20,000 on quite large sliding doors and screens to all windows and doors. Unfortunately all of their big stacker sliding doors were not installed correctly. In our clients words; “These doors are useless. We’ve paid good money and they are so bad we can’t use them.”

In essence – This is a clear case where a great product has been measured and installed so poorly as to render the finished product virtually unusable.


WHEELS – All doors were measured about 5mm too short but this could be taken up by fitting good-quality wheels with 10mm of adjustment. We changed all door wheels with new highquality Kegler stainless bearing security-door wheels.

LOCKS – Misalignment of the doors resulted in three locks being broken. We replaced these locks with our Austral triple locks.

INTERLOCKS – There was far too much “slop” in the doors, which made them useless as security doors. We installed super heavy-duty interlocks and used our SecureView 9mm window frame as the female interlock accepting channel. We also installed a super heavy duty 20mm interference Frame interlock with a minimum of 11 tamper resistant screws (instead of 5) down the back of each door. Out of all the problems and fixes this improvement made the biggest difference as far as good security is concerned.

TOP CHANNEL – Canoe buttons (glide buttons) were installed on both sides of the doors at the top so the top wheels would stay on the track and the doors would slide silently.

BUG STRIPS – Bug strips were installed to the bottom of all doors, and minimise the insect invasion.

BARRELS – This is where the key slides in. There are two main types of barrels; disc and 5 pin. We use disc for basic diamond grilles or in our insect screen doors. We use 5-pin (C4 keyway) barrels to all other doors and especially in the SecureView premium products. We replaced all their existing disc barrels with 5-pin barrels.

MAINTENANCE – We did basic maintenance to other door locks using Graphite Powder. You can also use Silicon Spray but not grease or WD40, RP7 or any dewatering fluids as they attract dust and prematurely wear lock internals.


The Tavakol’s cannot believe these are the same doors. And they finally feel they have the security and quality fittings they initially wanted.



Our client came into our “showroom” to discuss their options for a double entry door set. They decided a colonial castings pattern door.

During the discussion it was also discovered that they wanted a security grade door. Unfortunately colonial cast decorative insert panels do not meet the Australian Standard AS5039-2008 as a security grade product…they are classified as a safety or barrier grade product.

We informed them that SecureView has developed a special extrusion to allow the installation of the colonial cast decorative inserts to the front of SecureView doors. They thought this would be ideal as the security grade stainless mesh also acts as insect screen.



We offered a double entry door set in SecureView with SP44AB colonial casting insert designs. The active door would have Austral triple locks with a 5-pin barrel and flush bolts to the inactive door. We needed to go through ceramic tiles for the bottom flush bolt but this was no problem as we have diamond drills in stock.

Note: We can drill holes in ceramic, imitation marble tiles, caesarstone and other man made materials, however there is a risk of cracking when drilling holes in real marble or other natural stones. We take every effort to avoid cracking marble by drilling slowly with a water-cooled / flushed diamond hole saw, however we won’t be held responsible should the worst case happen and the marble crack. We haven’t cracked any marble yet but marble is a natural and therefore unpredictable material.


The Singh’s told our installer that they were very happy with the result. We appreciate all feedback. Feedback can be given through our online feedback forms where you can also peruse feedback left by previous clients.



Our client, Rae, had a very special extremely large entry door set installed and she wanted this door secured with some very specific conditions.

She wanted a door that could be opened fully when they were “entertaining” presenting full exposure of her entry door. The security doors would have to be able to fully open flat with back of the security doors against the walls beside her entry door. The problem was that there were protruding light fixtures on these walls that were only 700mm from the door opening. She also wanted doors that when opened and folded back would be as unobtrusive as possible but when closed would complement her entry door. With a 2700 x 2400 opening this was bit of a challenge, but we put our design cap on and came up with an excellent solution.


We offered a quad outward opening Hard-Core D18 “wood panel insert” entry set with a welded and powder coated aluminium box frame surround (door jamb). To clear her side lights, allow a fully opening door and have doors when opened to be as unobtrusive as possible, we divided the doors into four sections. However this presented a dilemma in that we needed special double acting hinges that would allow the middle doors to fold back upon themselves when open and we needed to calculate doors widths (using calculus actually) that would just clear the lights when open, would fold completely flat so the lock handle had to clear the other door but allow maximum opening for viewing their fabulous entry door.

After an extensive search we could not find suitable hinges in Australia however we found some from a supplier in Japan. Another technical issue was reaching the top flush bolts on the three doors that required them. We solved this with stainless extension booker rods to the top flush bolts.


Rae was extremely happy with her door solution and we have been back to do a few more insect screens to some other windows to her property.


“If I had not seen it there is no way I would believe these are the same doors. They now work so well. It’s amazing the difference a proper installation can make.”



Our client has a skillion roofed insect screen patio enclosure to the rear of their property and wanted this area secured with a stainless steel mesh product. They also needed to replace the sliding insect screen door within this patio enclosure with a similar product.



We offered SecureView as a stainless steel mesh product. However there is a lot more to this style of installation than simply saying ‘yes we can do a stainless steel mesh product’.

Patio Framing and SecureView sheet sizing limitations. 
Patio Framing: The existing fly screen patio enclosure frame was actually an integrated frame system also acting as roof support frames so a whole new roof support structure was needed that would also allow fitment of the SecureView security screens.

We designed and installed a fully welded 50x25x3mm wall thickness aluminium framing system that was far stronger than the insect screen frame we removed. We welded a 20x20x3mm angle to the inside of this frame structure so the SecureView screens would sit neatly flush with the outside of the frame.

Sheet size limitations: The maximum “free” screen size achievable is 3040mm by 1540mm. For single screens over this size vertical and/or horizontal midrails are required. We also installed a fully welded frame to accommodate a triple lock sliding door. All sliding-door tracks and interlocks were our super heavy-duty variety.


The Wilson’s are very happy with their security solution. They are currently in the process of roofing and renovating their front balcony and have asked us to enclose this in SecureView as well.



Our client has a classic Queenslander in Toowong that they were renovating. Being very security conscious they wanted a security solution that would keep intruders out, but didn’t want to ruin the iconic look of their home.

They had a mixture of wood framed double hung windows (1920’s vintage), casement windows (a mixture of 1920’s and 1930-40’s vintage). For doors, they had a classic entry door upstairs with a painted shut fanlight and a similar entry door to the “newly” built-under master bed and retreat, and French doors throughout.

The rear of the property was “newish” although they would be replacing some old double hung windows with new aluminium framed glass louvre sets. Along with these new windows a virtually brand new quad casement window in the laundry needed securing. Fire exits also need to be included.



Keeping in mind that they didn’t want to spoil the look of their Queenslander our SecureView product suite was called upon. However we also thought it would be nice to include a classic steel look and we did this with both entry doors.

Casement windows: Our SecureView stainless mesh security-screen system has a keyless (fire exit approved) double sliding window suite, which can be fitted, to the inside where a suitably deep reveal is available. Unfortunately only the new Laundry casement window had a deep enough reveal and facility for our security screen. All other casement windows needed new wood build-out frames to increase reveal depth. We either built new reveals or extended the ones we couldn’t remove, which involved two days of carpentry.

Double Hung windows: We fitted full height SecureView screens to the outside of all double hung windows to this property. In keeping with the fire exit need we fitted strategically placed SecureView keyless outward opening security suites. All outside screens were fixed with 40 or 70mm tamper proof wood screws as per the Australian standards.

French doors: The out-swing wood-framed French doors downstairs had a new door jamb so we could fit a double in-swing pair no problem but the old ones upstairs were a different story. We decided that carpentry was again needed, but our client wanted this to look right. We built a new door jamb out of hardwood that went all the way to the top (2500 high) with a door head cross member and covered this with a large heritage architrave from Finlaysons.

Entry doors: We decided some custom steel doors were needed to nicely balance our security solution to both entry doors. We use tracing paper attached to the existing entry door and traced the patterns on these doors so the bars on the security door matched up with the wood door. This trace is then sent to our supplier who sends us back beautiful steel doors.

The client requested SecureView on the inside of both steel doors so that no-one could put their hand through the bars and unlock the door if our clients inadvertently left the key in the lock. These screens were fixed with the correct colour screws.

Louvre Windows: New aluminium-framed glass louvre windows have a deep frame that allows us to fix directly to the outside with tamper proof security screws again fixed as per Australian standard guidelines.

Fixed glass panels: We added SecureView to the inside of the fixed glass panels above the entry doors. We fixed SecureView screens to the outside of all other fixed glass panels, including a custom screen that required five corners.


The Walkers are very happy with our work and have asked us back to secure the French door sets to the rear that they originally were not sure if they were keeping or changing to Bi-folds.


Client Brief:

Our client was renovating a classic single-storey heritage home in Coorparoo. They installed a new rear deck, kitchen and front room; french doors as opposed to Bi-fold doors to the deck, new casement windows, new bathrooms along with a complete repaint inside and out. They wanted a classic but clean look to the security solution to the front of their property along with practical, safe but unobtrusive security solution for their casement windows and rear doors. A special security door was requested for the entry because the main door would be left open to take advantage of excellent ventilation.


The solution was divided into two sections; the entry door/streetscape and the rest of the home.

Entry and Streetscape.

Entry door: The entry door solution was a fully custom design steel door with a commercial style lever handle lock with an imbedded deadbolt system and insect screen. However, like many heritage homes, the door jamb was of an insufficient depth to accommodate a proper security door. A carpentry solution was raised however we recommended a fully welded aluminium build out frame attached to the existing door jamb in the same powder coated colour as the entry door. This type of frame would be considerably stronger than most wooden door jambs, giving better security, and would effortlessly take the weight of the steel door.

Streetscape: Due to the entry door solution and our clients’ preference for traditional to the streetscape, steel bars with double sliding insect screens were recommended for all casement windows facing the road.

Colour was Dulux Barrister White

Main and rear of the home.

Body and rear of the home: Our SecureView stainless steel security solution was recommended to all rooms and the rear doors. Rooms with casement windows were recommended with a SecureView double sliding suite solution.

Once again reveal depth was a problem. The existing reveals were virtually non-existent and included existing 69mm wide bull-nose profile architraves. To accommodate all window furnishings required, the existing architraves were removed and replaced with new wooden architrave build out frames. The new wooden architrave build out frames were installed first to allow for painting and then our SecureView Stainless sliders were installed later.

The SecureView french doors to the main family area were the easiest option as there was plenty of room for an in-swing hinged pair of doors.

However, for the hallway out swing french doors, limited internal space meant that a double sliding pair was recommended to slide along the internal walls rather than a hinged in swing pair.

For this we had to build a sliding door tracking system and because most regular security door sliding tracking solutions are, to be honest, a bit flimsy and tend to bend when you stand on them, we have developed a Heavy duty bottom sliding door track system. You could roll a car over our Heavy duty bottom sliding door track no problem! All SecureView sliding doors have full back interlocking mechanisms and triple locks. All doors are keyed alike.


The Weirs are happy with their security solution and have recommended us to their friends and relatives.