wilson big security screen installed outside

“If I had not seen it there is no way I would believe these are the same doors. They now work so well. It’s amazing the difference a proper installation can make.”



Our client has a skillion roofed insect screen patio enclosure to the rear of their property and wanted this area secured with a stainless steel mesh product. They also needed to replace the sliding insect screen door within this patio enclosure with a similar product.



We offered SecureView as a stainless steel mesh product. However there is a lot more to this style of installation than simply saying ‘yes we can do a stainless steel mesh product’.

Patio Framing and SecureView sheet sizing limitations. 
Patio Framing: The existing fly screen patio enclosure frame was actually an integrated frame system also acting as roof support frames so a whole new roof support structure was needed that would also allow fitment of the SecureView security screens.

We designed and installed a fully welded 50x25x3mm wall thickness aluminium framing system that was far stronger than the insect screen frame we removed. We welded a 20x20x3mm angle to the inside of this frame structure so the SecureView screens would sit neatly flush with the outside of the frame.

Sheet size limitations: The maximum “free” screen size achievable is 3040mm by 1540mm. For single screens over this size vertical and/or horizontal midrails are required. We also installed a fully welded frame to accommodate a triple lock sliding door. All sliding-door tracks and interlocks were our super heavy-duty variety.


The Wilson’s are very happy with their security solution. They are currently in the process of roofing and renovating their front balcony and have asked us to enclose this in SecureView as well.