How Our Process Works. We’ll take care of everything for you

From your initial contact through to your finished results Starline Security will impress.

STAGE 1.01: Quoting

You can call us or send a web enquiry and our team will contact you to arrange your quote. My staff will arrange either an on-site quote appointment where one of our dealers will come out to see you to discuss the alternatives and provide you with a quote or quote options.

Alternatively, you may already know what you need. In this case, it is much easier to email our dedicated internal sales division with either your house plans, photos of each window or door opening you need a screen or security door for, and/or descriptions of your requirements. Our sales staff can email you a quote estimate without the need to come out to your premises. Many clients prefer this method as it does not require you to take time off work or interfere too much with your schedule and although the quote estimates we provide are as accurate as possible, as we have not inspected physically, they are subject to final check measure.

Stage 1.02: Measuring.

Once you are happy with our quote and agree to go ahead with the order, our sales staff will arrange a dealer to conduct a final check measure on-site or at your premises. Your dealer will update your quote if required and confirm with you any variations. We do need to measure very accurately to ensure your fully customised products fit in the best possible way. Measuring also includes other factors like colour selection confirmation, product type and style per window or door, grade and any other accessories and options. These details will be updated in your quote and will need to be approved by you to your dealer prior to production commencing. This is also the point at which your deposit is required.

Stage 2.01: Production

Once your check measure has been completed and the deposit also confirmed, production of your order can commence. Your dealer will process your order and send your order through to our production facility. Depending upon the product type, colour and other details production of Insect and Security Screens or Doors can take as little 24hrs or as much as 30 days. Typically though, production of a clients total order takes between 7 and 14 days. Once production is completed the production facility informs our sales division who will then contact you to let you know your order is ready for installation. Many clients wish to know when their installation will be or require an installation date prior to placing their order. Once a check measure has been completed and production consulted our team can give you a production completion estimate date. We can also give you installation guarantees but only if your installation deadline requirement is more than twice our typical production lead time for your order. This often happens when clients are building a new home etc and they need to know we can install on or near a handover date. Our production facility utilises a first in first out multi-factor sequenced order schedule that gets all client orders completed in the least possible time. Our sales team, our admin team or a dealer are not able to influence the production sequence or result in any way but rest assured that by adopting this process separation your order is being completed in the shortest time possible, under the most strict quality controls ensuring the product our dealers are installing for you is the best it can be.

Stage 3.01: Installation

Once production has been completed our sales team will contact you to arrange your installation. Our dealers are often quite busy however our target is for most installations to occur within 2 to 5 days of production completion. We can arrange for work on Saturday if required and our installation team can be at your home to start installations from 7 am. Finish is typically around 4 pm. Our dealers or our sales team will contact you if there is a problem, such as a dealer not being able to attend site due to sickness etc and for us to either arrange for another staff member to complete their installation at the same time or to arrange another time. We do everything possible to avoid re-scheduling installation times and have additional experienced installation staff on hand to take over should the need arise. Our dealers are our team of professional sales, measuring and installation personnel who will be your main contact at Starline Security for all product and quoting price negotiations and related technical aspects of your order. We try our best to ensure that one dealer takes your entire order through from quote confirmation, check measuring and the installation. This way you will know who is coming to your home to do your installation and you have met them prior during your on-site quote or on-site check measure. We feel this is a much better way of conducting ourselves rather than having multiple staff completing the different stages and you also have one main point of contact at Starline Security dedicated to ensuring your order is completed in a timely and professional manner.

Stage 4.01: Job Completion

Once your dealer has completed your installation, cleaned up after themselves, shown you how everything works and handed over your keys, you can sit back and enjoy your new screens and doors. But hang on. Before you relax entirely there are a few more things needed to finalise your order.

Stage 4.02: Payment

You will need to complete the final payment. Your dealer can take your payment directly or you can call the office to make your final payment or via direct deposit into Starline Security's bank account. Commercial customers will need to sign off that their dealer has completed the work to their satisfaction.

Stage 4.03: Review Us

We also encourage everyone to review our dealers, our product and us and will email you links to review us with your final payment receipt. Or you can add your review here:

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Are you looking for high-quality Security Screens and Doors at low prices? Do you want to ensure that your home or office is protected against intruders while adding value to your property? Want to employ a company made up of industry professionals and experienced tradesmen who value your time and agonise over the small things?At Starline Security, we are your one-stop shop for a vast array of Insect Screens, high-quality Security Screen Doors and Security Window Screens and one of the biggest range of Plantation Shutters in Brisbane.

Plantation Shutters

Starline Security comes to you with over two decades of experience in security doors and screens. Over the last few years, we have leveraged that experience to select the best of the best within the plantation shutter field.   We bring you a plantation shutter service that is highly extensive, very customisable and incredibly affordable.  Some of the highlights of this service include:

Lockable security screens for windows and doors in Brisbane

  • These lockable plantation shutters have been extensively tested to exceed the Australian Standard for security screens so no other security screens are required when you install these shutters.
  • These shutters cover the whole window or door so the fixed glass panel is secured as well.
  • Insect screening options (in fact we can install insect screens to almost all of our plantation shutters types).
  • Highly configurable.  Many hinged, sliding or bi-folding options are available.

Aluminium plantation shutters

  • Powder coated aluminium plantation shutters are the ideal external plantation shutter option.
  • Great for commercial applications.
  • Balconies, decks, patio enclosures, privacy screens are just some of the possible uses for these highly durable shutters.
  • Insect screening options available.
  • Once again these are highly configurable with many hinged, sliding or bi-folding options available.

Basswood shutters

  • These internal window screens or sliding screen doors add style and function to any room.
  • Made from wood these shutters are available in many finishes.  Various wood grain or even white given any room a touch of class.
  • Insect screening options.
  • 63mm or 89mm shutter blades.
  • Various hidden or bar control options and even split controls are available.
  • Shaped shutters are available so those triangles, curves and arches can have shutters as well.

Fauxwood shutters

  • These are our most economical internal plantation shutters but we’ve picked the best quality ones for you.
  • Available with aluminium inserts to add strength to the frames and blades.
  • 63mm or 89mm shutter blades.
  • Various hidden or bar control options and even split controls are available.
  • And of course like almost all of our shutters insect screens can be added.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Limited to a few shades of white.

Overall we feel that we have a range with enough options so that no matter what your plantation shutter requirement, we will have a solution that is the best quality at the lowest possible price to meet your needs.

Simple: A long history of happy customers.  Nothing is more important to us than having happy customers. Customers who are more than pleased to refer us on to their friends, family and acquaintances.  The fact that over 50% of our business comes from referral sources, means that we have been doing things the right way for a long time and we will continue to do things the right way for a long time to come.  And the best part is that referring us on to friends and family is free.  So this means that our advertising costs are significantly lower than our competition and we can pass these savings onto you.I urge you to spend some time reading through the case studies to hear about our client experiences and the way we handled each project. We also have a feedback page where a very small fraction of our previous client’s predominantly happy comments are shown – you’ll see that this is not just another uselessly biased testimonial page and we hope that once you become a customer you'll post some honest feedback about us as well.  Hiring Starline Security is also a good choice for the following reasons.

  • High-quality products and adherence to the relevant standards.
  • One stop destination for all insect screens solutions, security screens, security doors, Plantation shuttersAluminium shutters, Basswood shutters, Fauxwood shutters and Blinds.
  • The lowest possible pricing on all products.
  • Great service with uncompromising work ethics, industry best hardware and installation methods utilised.
  • Experienced, competent, friendly and courteous staff that strives for your complete satisfaction.

We understand how important your home or office is to you.  Our ambition is to help you select the best security doors, screens and plantation shutters for your situation. With Starline Security in Brisbane, you can always expect the best in terms of product, service and value.

Contact Starline Security today. Call 07 3272 2974 for a free consultation.

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