Screen and Door Grades

Why do we have three grades for the same product?

Our Security screen and door grades allow us to customise each product specific to your needs.  What this means is that after you have selected the type of Security screen or door you want, we further customise your screen or door by allowing you to select which grade you want that particular product in.

There is a huge difference between our three grades, Safety, Barrier & Security.  Most of our screen products can be specified in any of these grades.  If you want a detailed understanding of the differences go here.  However, if you want to know which grade is the best match for you we can help you there.

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing and installing security screens and doors, you can rely on Starline Security to recommend the best screen suited to your budget, lifestyle and surroundings.

Give us a call on 07 3272 2974 to find out which grade is best for you.

Safety Grade

Safety grade screens and doors are great for:

  • Kids-Don’t-Fly.  A mother’s worst nightmare is seeing their child fall out of an open window.  All Safety grade screens let you rest in peace knowing your children are safe and secure.
  • Visual deterrent.  All Diamond Grille screens and doors provide the same visual deterrent regardless of which grade you select them in.
  • A physical obstacle. Whether it is opening the front door to a stranger or keeping the pets inside Safety screens act as a physical boundary preventing easy entry or egress.
  • Insect screening.  All Safety screens come with a mesh designed to keep flying insects out.
  • Economical.  Once you have selected the product type you want choosing it in the Safety grade is by far the most economical option.  Why spend more money when all you need is a Safety grade screen or door.

Barrier Grade

Barrier grade screens and doors are great for:

  • When you want everything Safety grade screens and doors can do but want to step up the level of security.
  • Doors are specified with triple locks and the installation strength is increased significantly over Safety grade screens and doors.
  • This grade is by far the most common grade when a sales rep says “Do you want a triple lock door?” but then does not say much else.
  • This grade is extremely common and affordable.

Security Grade:

Security grade screens and doors are great for:

  • When you want the strongest most secure grade in the product type you have selected.
  • Security grade screens and doors must pass all three Australian “Security Screen and Door” standards.  See more about this here.
  • When you want the highest quality locks and you want all the accessories as standard – door closers, lock guards, bug strips, door stops, everything!
  • They are certainly more expensive than choosing the Safety or Barrier Grades but what price do you put on the protection of your loved ones from violent home invasions?
  • Selecting a Security Grade screen or door from Starline Security says that you have purchased the best possible.  That you did all that you could to make your home as safe and secure as it possibly can be.

In conclusion:

Starline Security goes to extreme lengths to ensure that when you buy a Security Grade screen or door from us then you will get installed a very strong Security screen or door.  However, we understand that not everyone needs that.  This is why we have our three different grades.

Security Screen Grades

If you have any questions or would like more information about the different screen grades, please get in touch with Starline Security. Call 07 3272 2974

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