Fixed Frame Insect / Fly Screens Brisbane


With over 25 years of experience, Starline Security provides Australia with high quality fly screens locally made with expert care and attention, as well as prompt and reliable installation services. Our fly and insect screens and door solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients. All our fly screens, frames, and doors are built with the attention to detail and quality you’d expect from a product made locally. Our fixed frame insect screens are incredibly versatile and can be specified with a huge range of options to suit your needs.


  • Standard fly mesh
  • Sand-fly mesh
  • Paw proof Lite fly mesh
  • Paw proof dog and cat resistant insect mesh
  • UltraVue® by Phifer “invisible” flyscreen
  • Patio & Pool insect mesh
  • Aluminium insect mesh
  • Stainless bushfire zone BAL rated mesh
  • One Way Vision mesh

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UltraVue® by Phifer is a revolutionary insect mesh.  Not only does it protect you from insects it uses a thin, yet strong fibreglass strand that is practically invisible from more than a couple of metres away. Further, UltraVue® by Phifer resists fungus and grime build-up to keep your view perfect.

The paw proof insect mesh option, as the name suggests, is designed to resist the impact from overly playful pets. Although not as strong as a security mesh, paw proof insect mesh does have enough strength to hold up to everyday scratches, bites and run-ins.

If your home is in a bushfire zone, we can supply aluminium or stainless insect mesh so your building is BAL rating compliant and you and your family is as safe as possible.  Learn more about flyscreen and different mesh types.  Note: Always follow directions from the Authorities during bushfires and have a bushfire plan in place.


Incredibly Versatile:

Fixed frame insect screens and doors are the most common screens or doors we sell and it’s easy to see why.  They’re cheap, versatile and functional.  They can be powder-coated in a wide variety of colours.  There is a vast array of different mesh options and are a perfect choice for almost any kind of window or door.  Fixed frame fly screens can be used on sliding, louvre, double hung, chain-winder awning windows as well as hinged and sliding doors.  If you’ve got push-out awning or casement window, we recommend taking a look at our magnetic insect screens. 

Please note that the use of insect screens will not comply with the building code of Australia: “AS5203 Protection of openable windows/fall prevention” regulation.   For more information on this important issue, visit our Kid’s Don’t Fly page, or check out our BasixDiamond GrilleXceed and SecureView products if you require a compliant bedroom window screen for a multi-storeyed structure.

Built in-house:

All fixed framed insect screening products we install are proudly manufactured at our Acacia Ridge workshop.  They are custom-made to our customer’s specifications for a perfect fit.  All fly screens and doors are made using high-quality materials, with the care and attention-to-detail you can only get from a custom-made product. Our powder-coating is done locally as well with 28 standard colours.  With almost 300 colours available we are sure there is a powder coat colour suitable for your needs. All Colorbond® colours are available as well.

Fixed frame Insect Screens

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