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Insect Screens Installers

Transform your home into the ideal living environment with the high-quality insect screens from Starline Security. With the huge range of insect mesh available on our screens, you can find the perfect balance between keeping out the insects and letting in the view and breeze.

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Insect Screens Installers

Transform your home into the ideal living environment with the high-quality insect screens from Starline Security. With the huge range of insect mesh available on our screens, you can find the perfect balance between keeping out the insects and letting in the view and breeze.

Fixed Insect Screens

Fixed insect screens are the best solution for controlling the relationship between the outside and inside of your home. Experience the freedom of taking in all the views and airflow you could want, without the fear of insects or debris making their way into your space.

Starline Security tailor makes affordable insect screens for homes all around Queensland. Whether you need a screen to protect your windows, hinge door or sliding door, our products are designed to be the perfect fit for each and every one of our customers.

With insect screens from Starline Security, you have total control over your living space.

Fixed Window Screens Brisbane

Incredible Versatility

Insect screens allow you to always maintain an insect-free indoor environment, without letting go of the best parts of the outside world.

No one likes bugs going into spaces where they don’t belong. The mesh on insect screens is designed to keep out flies, mosquitoes, moths, and other pesky bugs from invading your home. This way, you can sleep easy on summer nights knowing that your home isn’t getting swarmed by unwelcome guests.

On warm days, insect screens allow you to keep the windows and doors wide open, inviting in a refreshing breeze. Constant airflow and ventilation not only cools down your home and saves you having to use electricity, but also helps stop the growth of harmful mould and mildew.

The versatility afforded by insect screens is second to none. Protect your windows, sliding doors and hinged doors with insect screens from Starline Security today!

All the Mesh You Could Ask For

Every home is different, so our insect screens come in a variety of meshes depending on the needs of your living space. Whether you want a mesh that can stand up to the weather, your pets, provide uninterrupted views, or provide extra protection against smaller insects, Starline Security has an option for you.

At Starline Security, we offer the following insect mesh types for our screens:

  • Standard flyscreen
  • Sandfly mesh
  • Paw Proof lite mesh
  • Paw Proof mesh
  • UltraVue® by Phifer “Invisible” flyscreen
  • Patio & Pool insect mesh
  • Aluminium insect mesh
  • Stainless insect mesh
  • One Way Vision mesh

This selection of insect mesh gives you even more say over the exact type of home environment you want to create. One factor that remains consistent between each option is that they are built to last. No matter what mesh you choose for your insect screen, you can be assured that it will be made to an incredibly high standard at an irresistibly low price.

Starline Security Are Insect Screen Specialists

For the past 25 years, Starline Security have proudly been a 100% Australian owned and operated business, helping to protect the homes of Queensland with our excellent range of insect screens.

Our insect screens are made at our inhouse workshop – made to precisely suit the requirements of each of our customers. They are built with care, built to be efficient, and built to last. Our network of authorised dealers has been specifically chosen for their attention to detail, technical capabilities, and excellent customer service. Each of them adheres to Starline Security’s high standards and strive to exceed the customer’s expectations in every single job.

Innovative Online Ordering Portal

Security Screen Online Ordering

Starline Security have invested in an industry-leading online wholesale ordering portal to streamline the entire quoting and ordering experience for our wholesale customers and dealers. Thanks to this portal, ordering insect screens has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can have an entire order ready to go, access our vast range of resources, or edit an existing order.

Learn more about all the benefits of our portal and becoming a Starline Security wholesale customer by clicking here.

Product Specifications

Insect screens can be shaped to fit any wooden or aluminium window, sliding door, or hinged door. Insect screens on doors are required by law to have a mid-rail as a visual cue for the visually impaired. An insect screen that is attached to a sliding door can be fitted with a regular lock, a flick latch, or a magnetic latch. Meanwhile, insect screens on hinged doors are generally fitted with a standard door handle.

Testing and Warranties

The insect screens from Starline Security are put through rigorous testing so they comply with national building standards.

Our insect screens are covered under Starline Security’s general warranty. This states that products can be repaired, replaced or refunded up to 12 months after installation. To read more about our warranties, click here.

Options & Accessories

Insect screens can be ordered with a variety of accessories and personal touches. The screen’s frame can be powder coated to any one of Starline Security’s standard colours. This way, you can create a seamless aesthetic throughout your home. You can learn more about the available colours by clicking here.

Mesh Types

Starline Security offers a large range of different insect mesh types that can be fitted to your insect screens. Each type of mesh is designed for a specific purpose, and there are a number of great options to choose from. To learn more detail about each of our insect meshes, check out this handy chart.

Standard Flyscreen

This classic insect mesh is immensely popular throughout Australia and works as an affordable, suitable fit in the majority of circumstances. It strikes the perfect balance between insect protection, airflow, visibility, and looking stylish.

Sandfly Mesh

With mesh strands that are woven tighter together, Sandfly Mesh is a great choice for homes in warm, tropical environments that have troubles with smaller insects like sandflies and midges coming inside. For an optimal shield against insects, choose Sandfly Mesh.

Paw Proof Lite Mesh

Paw Proof Lite Mesh is a durable insect mesh that can withstand impacts from small cats and dogs, while still offering a decent view of the outdoors.

Paw Proof Mesh

Paw Proof Mesh’s thick polyester strands are strong enough to hold up against impacts from large dogs and other pets. This is the most durable insect mesh if you share your home with some furry friends.

UltraVue® by Phifer “Invisible” Flyscreen

UltraVue® by Phifer is a revolutionary flyscreen. Its thin strands are practically invisible when viewed from even a short distance, making this mesh the best choice for those who value uninterrupted views while looking out of their home.

Aluminium Insect Mesh

A highly durable insect mesh that is appropriate for properties located within a bushfire prone area, up until BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) 29..

Stainless Insect Mesh

Stainless Insect Mesh is the flyscreen for properties in bushfire prone areas up until BAL 40.

One Way Vision mesh

One Way Vision Mesh has been designed to disrupt people from looking inside the house, while offering great views for people inside looking out. This flyscreen is great for anyone who values privacy without sacrificing any outside views.

Purchase Insect Screens

Insect screens are the best way to have total control over your indoor living space. If you’re a homeowner looking to protect their properties from insects, or a dealer wanting to expand their range of products, then reach out to the insect screen experts at Starline Security today!

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