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In 2016 a new building code came into effect that resulted in greater safety for children in all new homes.  Without going too much into the technicalities, this code has resulted in almost all two storey or higher homes having window opening restrictors installed in all bedroom windows with a fall height over 2 metres.

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Removing Window Opening Restrictors:

The good news is that if you currently have window opening restrictors we can remove these and install Safety (or Barrier/Security) screens instead. This will allow you to fully open your windows giving you maximum ventilation, safety and compliance with the building code regulations all at the same time.  NOTE:  Do not remove any window restrictors without installing a Safety grade window screen in its place or your home will be in breach of the building code.

Our BasixDiamond GrilleXceed or SecureView screens all comply as a Safety screen and can be used to replace all types of window restrictors.  In Queensland, if Starline Security installs your screen, we can provide you with a QBCC form 15 & 16 to certify that the removal of the window restrictors is safe, legal and compliant.


It’s a Legal requirement

It is a legal requirement for your home to be compliant with this code at all times.  Refer to AS 5203:2016 Protection of openable windows/fall prevention – Test sequence and compliance method. Our code compliant Safety Screens can replace Window Opening Restrictors in all circumstances and situations.

See below flowchart of when window restrictors are required:

Australian Window Association


When code compliant Safety screens are installed your window restrictors can be legally removed. This means that those horrible window restrictors can be removed allowing your window to be fully openable giving you maximum ventilation.

Mould and Mildew

Having ventilation severely restricted to a unit as a result of windows only being openable to a maximum of 125mm can and is resulting in mould and mildew problems.  Especially in some new unit complexes with smaller windows.  Installing safety screens and removing the window opening restrictors can allow up to 10 times the level of ventilation throughout a unit or home thereby eliminating the mould and mildew problem.  Starline Security has completed many safety screen installations in Brisbane to combat the mould and mildew problem that window opening restrictors are causing.

Risk of falling

Homeowners are removing the window restrictors without installing safety screens.  Often they are unknowingly putting children at risk of falling from these windows and putting themselves at risk of legal prosecution should the unfortunate yet inevitable happen.  Window restrictors can be relatively easily removed because the building code states that window opening restrictors can be removable using a “key, screwdriver, spanner or even the coordinated use of two hands.”  Consequently, it is quite easy for adults to remove many types of window opening restrictors making their homes non-compliant.  Getting us to install Safety screens and keeping your home compliant with the building code is a far more sensible option.

Kids don’t Fly

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