Diamond Grille Screen Installations


Having the title of one the most widely used products in home improvements and security screens industry, our beloved Diamond Grille products earn its title because of its versatility and ability to fit in anyone’s budget without compromising protection.

Diamond Grille

Diamond Grille Screens Installation


Having the title of one the most widely used products in home improvements and security screens industry, our beloved Diamond Grille products earn its title because of its versatility and ability to fit in anyone’s budget without compromising protection.

Diamond Grille Screens and Doors

Diamond grille screens and doors from Starline Security offer fantastic protection while being one of the most well known and affordable security screen options available. The choice between security and ventilation doesn’t have to be made as diamond grille screens and doors excel in both fields – keeping your home safe, while allowing maximum airflow throughout your home.

Diamond Doors

Why You Need Diamond Grille Security Screens

Diamond grille security screens and doors are a popular choice for anyone looking to increase the security of their home or business at an affordable price. Their classic design and adaptable features have made them a favourite throughout Australia and are suited to work as a visual deterrent to help keep all residents safe and secure.

With benefits galore at a price that isn’t going to break the bank, it’s no wonder diamond grille security screens have remained a favourite throughout Australian homes.


The Diamond Grille inserts are available in two designs. Standard Diamond and Small Diamond. Small diamond has, like the name suggests, a smaller opening.

The size of the small diamond opening is approximately 63 * 57mm (46mm across) and 7.2mm thick making it all but impossible for even small hands to reach through. Small diamond increases the security level. Our Standard Diamond Grille opening is approximately 83mm * 69mm (61mm across) and 7.0mm thick.

*Note: The size of the diamond grille aperture and the thickness can vary slightly depending upon the grille manufacturer and supplier.

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Historically, diamond grille was available in many designs including Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Large Diamond, Tread-Plate Heavy Diamond, a Light Duty 5mm Diamond and other aperture, width and strength specifications.

The introduction and popularity of stainless mesh and perforated products within the Australian security screen and door market since the 1990’s has resulted in a consolidation of diamond grille design offering into the two most popular types: Standard and Small Diamond.

The following are some of diamond grille designs and specifications that are no longer available from Starline Security.



Diamond grille screens can be fitted to windows as well as sliding, fixed, and hinged doors. Their size and shape can be customised to suit a variety of configurations, so the aesthetics of your home don’t have to be compromised for a feeling of security.



We can tailor your purchase of diamond grille screens and doors to work within virtually any colour scheme you wish through our powder-coating process. With almost 200 colours available in both ‘standard’ and ‘custom’ options, there is a perfect solution available for any colour scheme in both the home and office.



Our diamond grille screens and doors can be fitted with a variety of fly screen mesh options to work with your individual home or business environment. This means if you have pets, want increased visibility, or want better protection against insects, sandflies or the elements, our diamond grille screens can be paired with the appropriate insect mesh to suit your situation.



The safety and wellbeing of our loved ones and belongings matters to all of us, and Starline Security’s diamond grille screens and doors can easily be made to work with highly effective security grade features to enhance their strength. Our best grade of diamond grille has a high-security deep pocket frame, Lockwood triple locks, 4 security pin hinges, 4 wheels, lock guards. Couple this with heavy-duty construction and you can have a formidable security screen or door.

In short, security has no limits with diamond grille screens and doors.

Protection from Falls

Diamond grille window screens are recognised as a fallsafe screen and are compliant with the “Kids don’t Fly” building code, stating that windows that are more than 2m above the ground may be required to be fitted with window restrictors or impact resistant screens. This means that if you live in a multi-storey home, diamond grille screens and doors can be the solution to removing obstructive window restrictors and providing you with the peace of mind that you and your family will be kept safe from any accidents in the top levels.

Given it’s a legal requirement to have your building protected from potential falls, diamond grille screens and doors are a great option for meeting this building code and bringing back your ventilation.

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Starline Security Is the Number One Option for Security Screens

Starline security

Success Experience

For the past 25 years, Starline Security has been a 100% Australian-owned business providing Australians with quality, safe, and tailor-made security screens for doors and windows. We manufacture our products in-house using high-quality materials.

We pride ourselves on making products that meet nationally recognised standards and regulations as well as our own high expectations. Our products are durable, functional, and are made with the intent to suit the desires of the customer.

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Our Dealer Network

Our network of qualified, experienced and fully licensed dealers are vetted to ensure that they meet our high standards. We provide them with a detailed resource base that provides them with a host of information they can access to confidently install our security screens on any brand of door or window.

Our innovative online ordering portal enables them to provide you with fast, accurate quotes which are sent straight to our production team once approved.

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Innovative Wholesale Ordering Portal

Starline Security have invested in an industry-leading online ordering portal for our wholesale customers and authorised dealers. The portal makes ordering security screens and doors a breeze, with the ability to generate quotes and place orders with just a few clicks.

Designed to streamline your entire process, the system gives you access to a comprehensive resource centre, generates automated emails to follow-up on quotes and estimates, and allows you to complete bulk quote edits in a fast and effective manner.

Where to Go from Here

Looking to purchase a quality diamond grille security screen or door from Starline Security? Click here or get in touch on 07 3272 2974 to organise a quote. If you’re happy with your estimate, we will put you in touch with one of our qualified dealers to arrange a professional measure and quote.

Looking to become part of our qualified dealer network? Learn more about our products, online ordering portal and how to apply here, or get in touch on 07 3272 2974 for more information.

Product Applications

Diamond grille security screens and doors can be used on a variety of windows and doors, made to the customer’s specifications. This includes sliding, fixed, and hinged doors. We can even negotiate size, so it fits perfectly within the dimensions of your home. And yes, we can fit diamond grille security screens on both single and double doors.

Testing & Warranties

Starline Security’s diamond grille security screens and doors are built to adhere to Australian standards depending on the security grade level. Learn more about the difference between security grades and which one suits your needs best here.

Our diamond grille screens are included under Starline Security’s general 12-month warranty, stating that any products will be repaired, replaced, or refunded when proven to be faulty within 12 months of installation.


Installation: 12 months

Powder-Coating: 3 years

Locks, rollers, and closers: 12 months

CommandeX Locks: 2 years

Lockwood 8653 & 8654 Locks: 25-year Lockwood warranty

Components: 2 years

Fly Screening: 5 years (warranty covers perishing & corrosion)

Physical Damage of any type is not covered under warranty.
Find out more about Starline Security’s warranty policy here.

Options & Accessories

Diamond grille security screens and doors can be outfitted with a variety of options and accessories to suit the customer’s specifications.



Starline Security can powder-coat diamond grille screens in 28 standard colours, as well as almost 300 non-standard colours. The full Colorbond® range of colours is also available. Having all these options at your fingertips means you’ll never have to fear your diamond grille screen looking out of place in your home. Take a look at our available colour charts.



Lock guards are a popular diamond door option. We also have an extensive range of locks, including those from Lockwood, Whitco, Austral and our default Archie lock so the extent of your safety rests in your hands. Feel free to look through the available locks and hardware that can be used for diamond grille screens and doors.


Flyscreen Mesh:

There is a wide range of flyscreen mesh options that can be applied to diamond grille security screens. These include standard fly mesh, paw proof dog and cat resistant insect mesh, and aluminium insect mesh amongst several others. View the full list of available insect mesh options here.

Product Specifications

At Starline Security, we pride ourselves on making diamond grille security screens and doors with high-quality materials from our local workshop in Acacia Ridge. Depending on the application you require, our diamond grille security screens are available in a range of dimensions with different lock options.Authorised Starline Security Dealers can access a range of product videos, specifications and resources in the online portal here.

Purchase Diamond Grille Security Screens and Doors

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to boost the security of their household, or a dealer wanting to increase their products range, we would love to hear from you so we can talk about how Starline Security’s diamond grille security screens and doors can help improve your safety and wellbeing.

Our services are available in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and throughout South-East Queensland.

Reach out to us on phone at 07 3272 2974 or email us at .

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