Client Brief:

Our client was renovating a classic single-storey heritage home in Coorparoo. They installed a new rear deck, kitchen and front room; french doors as opposed to Bi-fold doors to the deck, new casement windows, new bathrooms along with a complete repaint inside and out. They wanted a classic but clean look to the security solution to the front of their property along with practical, safe but unobtrusive security solution for their casement windows and rear doors. A special security door was requested for the entry because the main door would be left open to take advantage of excellent ventilation.


The solution was divided into two sections; the entry door/streetscape and the rest of the home.

Entry and Streetscape.

Entry door: The entry door solution was a fully custom design steel door with a commercial style lever handle lock with an imbedded deadbolt system and insect screen. However, like many heritage homes, the door jamb was of an insufficient depth to accommodate a proper security door. A carpentry solution was raised however we recommended a fully welded aluminium build out frame attached to the existing door jamb in the same powder coated colour as the entry door. This type of frame would be considerably stronger than most wooden door jambs, giving better security, and would effortlessly take the weight of the steel door.

Streetscape: Due to the entry door solution and our clients’ preference for traditional to the streetscape, steel bars with double sliding insect screens were recommended for all casement windows facing the road.

Colour was Dulux Barrister White

Main and rear of the home.

Body and rear of the home: Our SecureView stainless steel security solution was recommended to all rooms and the rear doors. Rooms with casement windows were recommended with a SecureView double sliding suite solution.

Once again reveal depth was a problem. The existing reveals were virtually non-existent and included existing 69mm wide bull-nose profile architraves. To accommodate all window furnishings required, the existing architraves were removed and replaced with new wooden architrave build out frames. The new wooden architrave build out frames were installed first to allow for painting and then our SecureView Stainless sliders were installed later.

The SecureView french doors to the main family area were the easiest option as there was plenty of room for an in-swing hinged pair of doors.

However, for the hallway out swing french doors, limited internal space meant that a double sliding pair was recommended to slide along the internal walls rather than a hinged in swing pair.

For this we had to build a sliding door tracking system and because most regular security door sliding tracking solutions are, to be honest, a bit flimsy and tend to bend when you stand on them, we have developed a Heavy duty bottom sliding door track system. You could roll a car over our Heavy duty bottom sliding door track no problem! All SecureView sliding doors have full back interlocking mechanisms and triple locks. All doors are keyed alike.


The Weirs are happy with their security solution and have recommended us to their friends and relatives.