secure view screens


Our client, Rae, had a very special extremely large entry door set installed and she wanted this door secured with some very specific conditions.

She wanted a door that could be opened fully when they were “entertaining” presenting full exposure of her entry door. The security doors would have to be able to fully open flat with back of the security doors against the walls beside her entry door. The problem was that there were protruding light fixtures on these walls that were only 700mm from the door opening. She also wanted doors that when opened and folded back would be as unobtrusive as possible but when closed would complement her entry door. With a 2700 x 2400 opening this was bit of a challenge, but we put our design cap on and came up with an excellent solution.


We offered a quad outward opening Hard-Core D18 “wood panel insert” entry set with a welded and powder coated aluminium box frame surround (door jamb). To clear her side lights, allow a fully opening door and have doors when opened to be as unobtrusive as possible, we divided the doors into four sections. However this presented a dilemma in that we needed special double acting hinges that would allow the middle doors to fold back upon themselves when open and we needed to calculate doors widths (using calculus actually) that would just clear the lights when open, would fold completely flat so the lock handle had to clear the other door but allow maximum opening for viewing their fabulous entry door.

After an extensive search we could not find suitable hinges in Australia however we found some from a supplier in Japan. Another technical issue was reaching the top flush bolts on the three doors that required them. We solved this with stainless extension booker rods to the top flush bolts.


Rae was extremely happy with her door solution and we have been back to do a few more insect screens to some other windows to her property.