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“If I had not seen it there is no way I would believe these are the same doors. They now work so well. It’s amazing the difference a proper installation can make.”



Our client had a stainless steel mesh (similar to our SecureView) product installed onto a new home in 2006. They spent almost $20,000 on quite large sliding doors and screens to all windows and doors. Unfortunately all of their big stacker sliding doors were not installed correctly. In our clients words; “These doors are useless. We’ve paid good money and they are so bad we can’t use them.”

In essence – This is a clear case where a great product has been measured and installed so poorly as to render the finished product virtually unusable.


WHEELS – All doors were measured about 5mm too short but this could be taken up by fitting good-quality wheels with 10mm of adjustment. We changed all door wheels with new highquality Kegler stainless bearing security-door wheels.

LOCKS – Misalignment of the doors resulted in three locks being broken. We replaced these locks with our Austral triple locks.

INTERLOCKS – There was far too much “slop” in the doors, which made them useless as security doors. We installed super heavy-duty interlocks and used our SecureView 9mm window frame as the female interlock accepting channel. We also installed a super heavy duty 20mm interference Frame interlock with a minimum of 11 tamper resistant screws (instead of 5) down the back of each door. Out of all the problems and fixes this improvement made the biggest difference as far as good security is concerned.

TOP CHANNEL – Canoe buttons (glide buttons) were installed on both sides of the doors at the top so the top wheels would stay on the track and the doors would slide silently.

BUG STRIPS – Bug strips were installed to the bottom of all doors, and minimise the insect invasion.

BARRELS – This is where the key slides in. There are two main types of barrels; disc and 5 pin. We use disc for basic diamond grilles or in our insect screen doors. We use 5-pin (C4 keyway) barrels to all other doors and especially in the SecureView premium products. We replaced all their existing disc barrels with 5-pin barrels.

MAINTENANCE – We did basic maintenance to other door locks using Graphite Powder. You can also use Silicon Spray but not grease or WD40, RP7 or any dewatering fluids as they attract dust and prematurely wear lock internals.


The Tavakol’s cannot believe these are the same doors. And they finally feel they have the security and quality fittings they initially wanted.