Burglary Rates in Brisbane

BRISBANE CRIME RATES AND HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME SAFE Brisbane has been growing at an accelerated pace. You may have noticed a lot of new buildings and construction sites […]


Brisbane has been growing at an accelerated pace. You may have noticed a lot of new buildings and construction sites everywhere. Unfortunately, along with this growth, the burglary rate has also been increasing. And increasing at an alarming rate.

We collected some information that can help you to understand this problem and to learn how to protect yourself.

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Brisbane crime rates triple population growth.

In the last four years, Brisbane’s population grew about 7.8%. It’s estimated that there are 2.48 million people living in the Brisbane area, which makes it the 3rd largest urban centre in Australia. It’s not hard to imagine that with this population growth the crime rate would go up as well.

However, from July 2014 to June 2015 there were 56,827 crimes against property in Brisbane (property crime includes burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, vandalism and others) compared to 71,738 incidents from July 2017 to June 2018. This means that over the same 7.8% population growth period the crime rate has soared by more than 25%, which is more than three times the population growth rate.  A very alarming development.

Even when we only look only at unlawful entry (entering someone’s property without that person’s consent, by force or fraudulent pretence), the increase is 15.9% or almost double the population growth rate over that same period.  2015 had 9,267 events compared to 2018’s 10,742 events.


In 2012, DUMA (Drug Use Monitoring in Australia) conducted research to understand burglar’s behaviours. Although this survey was with just 69 detainees caught for burglary in Western Australia, the results are profound. This research showed that 66.2% of burglars enter in a property through unlocked doors or windows, and the other participants answered that they entered by breaking a door or window.

The survey also asked the participants what factors would stop them from breaking in a house. Most of them answered that a dog would keep them away. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a big dog, but a loud and noisy one because their concern was not drawing attention and avoiding being caught. Here are the things that kept them away:

  • a dog (61.4%);
  • working alarm systems (49.1%);
  • lights inside the house (19.3%);
  • grilled windows/doors (19%);
  • unknown area (14%);
  • visibility of property from the road (14%);
  • sensor lights (22.8%); and
  • gates (12.3%).


Knowing this information, you need to take action to protect yourself.  Given the deterrent factor, a dog seems like a good idea. But along with the responsibility of dog ownership to be effective you need to have a barking “unfriendly dog”.  For many, this is not a practical long term solution.

We recommend you take these affirmative actions:

  • Locking your security doors. Even when you are home
  • Installing security screens to all your doors and windows
  • Installing security film on all your window and door glass fixed panels
  • Avoiding hiding a spare key
  • Installing an alarm system


We believe that security screens are one of the most effective ways of preventing burglars from entering your home. Although alarm systems are great, they often only activate after a criminal is already inside your house, and if you have any valuable items close by the entry, they can steal it and leave the premises before the security company or the police arrives. Furthermore, when your home has security screens and security window films, they act as a fixed barrier to entry preventing the intruder from entering your home.  I’m not sure about you but if I had to see a burglar, I would prefer them to be outside instead of inside my home. Keep yourself safe and install security screens and doors because burglary rates in Brisbane are increasing faster than even we suspected. I can’t imagine it’s any better in Sydney or Melbourne either.

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