What is Window Security Film? And how does it provide safety and security?

Are looking for a security window film for your house or business? Below is a brief explanation of their functionality and benefits for keeping your family safe.

Security Window Film

Security film is an excellent solution to strengthen the fixed glass panels in your windows or doors. It works like a laminated window panel, only better. Safety or security films have a much higher tensile breaking strength than the plastic sheet (PVB etc) used in laminated glass. This makes it much harder for burglars to break through because the security film keeps all the broken glass pieces together forming a “difficult to penetrate” barrier. Even though the glass itself breaks upon impact, all of the broken glass shards remain bonded to the unbroken film. This prevents easy removal of the glass from the window or door frame.

Our dealers use and recommend Hanita Safety and Security Films. Here are some reasons for you to have security films installed in your house:

House safety

Security window can delay or prevent entry by a burglar. Watch this video produced by Hanita Coatings. Get an idea of how difficult it gets for a burglar to come into your house:

Even when continually impacted, the security film keeps the shattered glass pieces together for a long period of time before finally succumbing. After trying to invade your property for a few minutes, thieves, vandals and other intruders will likely give up before getting in. And if they do, they’ll have wasted valuable minutes.

This means that there is a significantly higher chance your criminal invader will vacate your premises. The risk of getting caught is far higher when compared to how easy and fast it is to gain physical entry via a quick single impact to an unprotected glass pane.

Accident prevention

The most common reason people will install security window film in their property is to help prevent robberies, burglary and invasion. But there are other benefits for this kind of product, such as prevention from accidents and injury from broken glass shards.

Since security window films prevent large glass shards from falling from your window or door, they are often used for public as well as family safety. If you have children that play regularly it’s not uncommon for children to fall onto and potentially shatter a glass window or door.  If that happens, safety films will significantly reduce the chance a child is hurt or severely injured from the unrestrained glass shards and can even prevent your child from falling through a broken glass window.

Bad weather

Another reason to have a security window film installed is to keep your house protected from bad weather. If there is damaging wind or hail storm, there is a good chance the glass in your windows or doors will break. If you had safety or security films the rain and hail would not come into your home through all those broken glass windows.

Remember the big storm that happened on November 27, 2014, in Brisbane? In a peak of one hour, this storm caused a lot of damage, including thousands of broken windows in buildings across the city. Domestic and commercial losses were huge (Check it out here). Having safety or security film installed would have prevented much of the water damage that occurred due to glass breakage.


Another advantage of installing safety or security window films in your house is their transparency, clarity and cleanliness. This means this product won’t ruin your view and you will be able to see through clearly. If you don’t like the idea of security screens blocking your view, you can install security films to add a similar level of safety to your house. Keep in mind that security films do not provide many benefits that security screens provide, such as insect screening, child safety (when an unrestricted multi-storey window is left opened and unsupervised), ventilation as well as a higher level of security to your house. You can read our section Understanding Security Screens here to check if that is what you need for your home.


4mil security film is perfect for the 4mm glass in most homes. There are thicker window films if you require greater security to your home or business. Our dealers can provide security films up to 15mil thick, which will hold up to even ballistic grade impacts. Note: installing thicker films works best when combined with thicker glass panels.


The installation is critical to guarantee the effectiveness of safety and security films. I’m sure you have seen poorly installed window tint jobs where the film is bubbling and almost impossible to see through. That’s why it is so important to have an experienced professional installing it. Starline Security dealers ensure that your Safety or Security film is installed professionally.

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