Why are security doors so expensive in Australia?

Ever wondered why security screens in Australia are so expensive? In our latest article, we break down all of the individual costs involved in manufacturing a single security door in Australia, explaining why they cost as much as they do.

At Starline Security, we often find that people underestimate how expensive security doors and screens are. We often get asked ‘why are security doors so expensive in Australia?’, and the simple answer is that 99% of security doors installed in Australia need to be custom-made. All of the materials – the frame, the mesh, the hinges, the locks – need to be imported individually and then assembled in a workshop or warehouse facility before being installed. This is because security doors need to be measured and sized perfectly to the millimetre in order for them to function correctly. The various sizes of doors, warping, non-square door jambs, different door brands etc – all of these different factors have the potential to change the measurements of the security door required.

The customer looks at the materials that the security door is made from – some stainless-steel mesh, an aluminium frame, a lock and some hinges – and they base their price estimate on those materials. They compare it to other items like a washing machine; you can buy a washing machine for less than $1,000, and it has all these complicated parts and elements in it. Or a computer or smartphone – they have programming and widgets, and they can also be purchased for less than $1,000. But a simple, basic security door costs $1,000 to install. Why?

So what is going on, and why is it so expensive to buy security doors in Australia?

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The main reason is that every security door in Australia is 100% custom made and is a one-off. They are all unique, and that is the main reason why security doors cost so much in Australia. In Australia, there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ security door. This means that the security door industry in Australia is unable to leverage the benefits of mass production – we aren’t able to manufacture 50,000 doors in one model, one colour, one size.

If we could, the price would be closer to $150-200 per door. I wonder how much a washing machine would cost if you needed to order it as a fully custom one off size, colour, specifications? $10,000? $100,000? Who knows. But it would not be cheap that’s for sure.

The other reason that a security door in Australia costs so much is due to the installation process. This involves using a qualified tradesman – and labour costs in Australia are expensive.

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The Cost Breakdown of a Security Door in Australia:

If we break down all of the individual costs of manufacturing and installing a security door in Australia, you will be able to better understand how the costs add up quickly. Firstly, there are the materials – the materials for a single security door are going to come to approximately $400. The labour element – the tradesman visits, once to measure the door, then build the door, and then comes back to install the door. You’ve also got the building overheads like electricity, vehicle costs etc – all of the costs of any business. And then you’ve got to add profit for the dealer on top of that.

Another factor that can increase the cost of a security door is your geographical location – the dealer might be local to you, but the manufacturer is located in a different city or state. So then you have distribution and freight costs to add on top of your door, especially if you are in a remote or rural location.

There are some cheaper options available – some hardware stores do try to sell one basic one that is a standard size for around $350. They import these already assembled (as opposed to importing the frame, the mesh and other materials individually and then assembling in a warehouse or workshop which is what currently happens). They ship 1000 doors that are all the exact same size and colour in one container so there is a lot less labour involved which is why they are able to price their product significantly lower.

The problem with this solution is that they don’t fit. They weren’t designed and manufactured to the correct size specifications of your house. This is why 99% of all security doors sold in Australia are sold through a dealer who has come out and measure your door and custom fabricated it to order. The exact right size, the exact right colour, with the locks and hinges fitted perfectly. And then they come back and install it for you to ensure that there are no mistakes and no issues. If there are any mistakes, the dealer wears that cost.

Security doors in Australia are expensive. They are custom-made to order, and there is no way to avoid that while still maintaining a high standard of product quality. At Starline Security, we do everything that we can to provide our customers with the most economical products possible.

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