What happens if I want to go ahead with my estimate for security or insect screens and doors?

Learn more about what happens after you’ve received your estimate for security or insect screens and doors and want to move forward.

You’ve received your estimate for security or insect screens and doors via email and you’d like to go ahead. What happens next?

The next step depends on whether you received your estimate directly from a dealer, or whether you received your estimate via the Starline Security website. If you came from our website, then the next step is to connect you with one of our dealers who will take care of your order. Your dealer will contact you to complete the check-measure and once your screens and doors are manufactured and delivered to our dealer they will contact you again to arrange the installation.

Starline Security is located in Acacia Ridge which is on the south side of Brisbane; if you are located outside our immediate area then we will forward your estimate and enquiry to one of our qualified dealers – we will usually select the dealer based on their geographical proximity to you.

The dealer will contact you to arrange a suitable day and time for a check measure; from that point forward the dealer will be your main point of contact who looks after your order.

Working with Your Starline Security Dealer:

Following the check measure, your dealer will send you the invoice and you will pay them directly. They will then place the order for your doors and screens with Starline Security and we will manufacture the products. Once ready, we will send them to the dealer.

Once they have the products, they will contact you to organise a suitable day and time for the installation.

Will the Dealer Change the Estimate Starline Security Have Provided?

The main reason that a dealer will make any changes to the original estimate is if the measurements or products change. When they conduct their check-measure, they might find errors with the measurements entered into your original estimate and will make the required adjustments which may alter the price for their quote. They might also find, after seeing your property and discussing your requirements with you that the products you have ordered are not the right ones for your application. Again, adjusting the products in the original quote will alter the price.


Do I Have to Use a Starline Security Dealer?

Yes. All of our products need to be installed by a qualified and licenced tradesperson – you are not able to DIY the installation. It is also important that our dealer comes and does a check-measure prior to placing your order. Your dealer becomes responsible for checking all colours, specifications, screens or doors types and the styles are all correct. They need to make sure that what is being supplied is exactly what you want. They are also responsible for ensuring that the measurements are correct to the exact millimetre, and that what is being supplied and what is being quoted for is exactly what you’re after. There is no way to check all of these details without sending someone to your property to physically view and measure the doors and windows that the products will be installed onto.

How Does Starline Security Select Their Dealers?

Starline Security has strict guidelines for who can and cannot qualify to be a registered dealer. They need to have a minimum of two years’ experience and be licensed before we will even consider them.

Furthermore, if they receive a lot of customer complaints or there are consistent issues with them then we will remove them as a dealer. They are responsible for the customer; they are responsible for installing our products with a high level of workmanship – if they do not meet our standards then they will be removed from our systems.

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