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Security Grade Lockable Aluminium Shutters in Brisbane

All of our security plantation shutters are carefully measured and installed by our professionals. Manufactured right here in Brisbane, we can install a set of Aluminium shutters in as little as 20 days from when your order is placed.

Of the four grades of shutters we install, these may be the most expensive; however, when you consider that this one system covers your entire home’s security, insect screening and plantation shutter requirements while looking so beautiful, the value of these shutters is easy to justify. Our system encompasses the following benefits:

  • Security:  As high-grade aluminium shutters, there is no need to install any other types of screens or bars.
  • Insect Screening:  Insect screening can be added to virtually every product in the range.
  • Highly Customisable: Single and Multi-Hinged, Bi-Fold, Sliding and Fixed configurations are available. These styles are applicable to virtually every window and door type. The flexibility of this shutter system opens up an array of options that is simply incredible.
  • Privacy control: Control bar options allow sections of the shutter to be closed while other sections can be opened.
  • Light control: Adjustable blades allow you to control the amount of light entering any room.
  • Balustrading: These products are strong enough for balcony enclosures and to act as a balustrade.

Security shutters for verandas in Brisbane – fixed units

Why you should come to us for security plantation shutters:

Some suppliers only do one or two types of plantation shutters, whereas we have four grades to choose from. This means that regardless of your situation or requirement, we have the right solution for you. This also means that although these products are superb and are an elegant option for Brisbane homes, they are best suited to situations where you require a high-grade product. In other areas of your home where a high level of security is not required, paying close to $1000/m2 when a Fauxwood shutter would be a perfectly suitable option at $300/m2, doesn’t really make much sense.


We have a client who loves these security shutters. They installed numerous double hinged lockable insect screened units on security vulnerable casement windows. But then they had another long set of casement windows on a veranda that was quite high up, and they wanted a similar style of inswing hinged option and didn’t require a high-grade product. They did need a locking system that would be suitable to help prevent children falling out the window and wanted insect screening as well.

Our security shutters solution

Our cost effective solution was our aluminium shutter and we fabricated an insect screen build out, as well as included a recessed flush bolt lock to the top only of each hinged pair to help prevent children from accessing the opening mechanism. Because they were not in a rush, we supplied this alternative in 8-10 weeks for nearly half the price of this shutter system and our client was very happy with the result.

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