Reverse Climate Change with Security Screens: Protect Yourself & The Planet

Did you know security screens can help reduce climate change? In our latest article, we explore how installing them on your doors and windows can significantly reduce carbon emissions, the cost of your power bill, and the temperature of your home.

At Starline Security, we believe that security screens play a significantly more important role in helping to protect our environment than most people assume.  Their installation in homes reduces harmful carbon emissions by a considerable amount.  And they do this by changing people’s behavior. 

With climate change being an ever-present threat to our beautiful planet and modern life in general, it’s crucial we make every effort we possibly can to reverse its impact.  When you install security screens on your doors and windows, not only do you increase the security of your home, but significantly reduce the desire and thus need to run the air conditioning.  The practical difference of this outcome is dramatic and cannot be underestimated.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at one of our past customers and how their purchase of Starline Security’s security screens for their doors and windows helped to not only secure their home and keep it cool, but also significantly lowered the cost of their power bill and thus dramatically lowered their household’s carbon emissions.

As we’ll discover, their decision to partner with us helped solve several of their problems, but the larger effect they had in becoming more environmentally sensible shows just how eco-friendly security screens can be.

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How Security Screens Reduced Carbon Emissions, Heat, and Power Bills

Our customer had built a new large 5 bedroom two-storey home which included central air conditioning.  However, they didn’t feel safe in their new home as their doors and windows were only fitted with insect screens, not security screens.  They feared opening their doors, as anyone could just walk in, and they feared the same for their windows – especially those on the second storey where their children would also be at risk of falling out if they wanted to get full ventilation by removing the child safety window opening restrictors.  Day and night, they would keep their house completely shut up.

Given these homeowners lived in Queensland, their home would become a hotbox in summer as they were too cautious to ever open their doors or windows. This meant they were virtually running their air conditioner 24/7, in almost every room in the house as the kids were often in their bedrooms. It’s hard to calculate how much of an environmental impact this had on the surrounding area, but we do know how much it cost the family in their first summer seasons power bill.

$5,000 was the final amount they mentioned when we were installing their screens.   That’s a lot to pay for one quarterly power bill, and it became obvious why the family wanted us at Starline Security to help them solve this major cost and environmental issue. We quoted them $14,000 to screen every door and window – of which there were a lot – in their home.  Being unaware of the huge power bill they had just received, we were somewhat shocked when they couldn’t sign the order fast enough.  Furthermore, the family also decided to install solar panels on their roof to further minimise their carbon footprint and they installed fans to further reduce the need to turn on that air conditioner. 

After installing the security screens we could legally fully open the kids bedroom windows, and the entire house could be opened up without risk of letting in pests or intruders. The extent this change helped to cool down the home by providing natural ventilation, even over the warmer months, was significant. 

I remember we returned to this customer about six months after completing the job and enquired how much difference our security screens had made to their family. They revealed they now only feel the need to run the air conditioner on the hottest of hot hot days.  They even said how much of a pain it was to have to run around and close all the windows and doors so they don’t bother doing that now.  They put the fans on instead.  Their power bill is now less than $500 a quarter, saving them $4,500 over what they were previously paying during the summer months.  If that’s not a remarkable change we don’t know what is.

And, of course, this change also made huge progress in this family being far more eco-friendly. Installing solar panels to generate clean energy in their home was a big step in the right direction but choosing to fit security screens to every door and window in their house helped by dramatically reducing the desire to turn on that air conditioner.  It meant they could let airflow through their house and release all that hot air without fear of intruders. When returning home they were no longer greeted by an oppressive heat, especially upstairs, as they felt safe to leave their windows open all day long which got that ventilation circling.

It was all upside for these customers.  The security screens kept their house cool, significantly cutting their peak power consumption, and helped them mitigate climate change.   Solar helped but it was clearly evident that the security screens played a far more important role than even we thought was possible.  Security screens do so much more than just keep your home safe, and at Starline Security, we are always looking for ways to help make people’s lives, and our planet better.

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