Introducing the Quoting Portal

Let’s face it, one of the biggest time suckers in our industry is quoting. Particularly when you hear “I’m just looking for an idea on prices and doing my research”. Nine times out of ten, your customer isn’t ready to commit, and you probably just wasted precious hours, driving around, measuring, creating the quote (sometimes with multiple options) and following it up.

Unfortunately, if we don’t quote, we don’t get the job!

The Quoting Portal is a free to use tool designed to give your customers the ability to get an online estimate for Security and Insect Screens from the comfort of their phones. We made it so simple that you can get an estimate with as little as 5 clicks. Better yet, they can “explore” their options creating multiple estimates using different products for the same doors or windows.

When they are done “playing with prices”, they can request formal quote. The difference is, they have accepted your price and are committed to spend the money. Voilà, problem solved!

Sounds too good to be true? Rather than writing 1,000 words explaining it, we prefer to show it to you.

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HOW it


Created to provide a seamless experience, the portal can be customised with your logo, colours and contact details, giving it the impression of being just another page on your website.

You will be able to set prices, book check measures, decline jobs that are too small or too far, adjust estimates and best of all, convert quotes to orders with a click of a button.

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WHat DO I need?

All you need to have is a website, Facebook page or somewhere online where Starline Security can set up a Quoting Portal link specific to your business for your customers to use. Our team will customise it with your businesses logo, colours, and contact details, making our Quoting Portal your online screen and security door estimating system.

Once installed, your customers can instantly start getting estimates. But that isn’t the only thing the Quoting Portal does. Here are some very useful other features:

All Estimates in One Place

The Quoting Portal stores all your client’s current and past estimates. This is quite handy because it allows them to revisit old estimates with items that they may have had to put on their “wish list” and are now ready to take action.

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options, Options, Options!

Using our Clone feature in combination with our Bulk Edit function, your clients can create multiple different Estimates in minutes. They are able to use these tools to compare price differences between all products and make a decision that best fits their needs and budget.

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Help is never far!

To help your customers progress through the process, we created extensive help guides that will answer most of their most frequently asked questions.

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E-mail Quotes

After you conduct your check measure, you can update measurements and with a click of button, email the updated quote to your clients. These quotes also appear in their dashboard, ready to be reviewed and accepted.

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Easy to follow process

You might be wondering…”But customers don’t know what they are doing. They can’t measure or install.” Yes, we know… That is why we created a very simple process for your clients to follow and made it easy for you to “fix their mistakes”.

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Never Miss an Appointment

The Quoting Portal comes with an integrated calendar that allows you to book your installations and check measures. The Portal will always remind you and your customer of upcoming important dates.

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What’s the catch?

The catch is that when your client accepts your quote and goes ahead with their order, Starline Security expects you to place a wholesale order for the screens and doors to us. That’s it!

We’ll manufacture the screens and doors and ship them to you so you can install them at your customer’s place.

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