How to get Pet doors for Security Screens?

Installing Pet doors to Security and Fly/Insect screens

If you already have a security or insect screen in your home, or if you are thinking of getting one installed, you may want to get a Pet door for your dog or cat. Having your pet accessing the house without the annoyance of scratching at the doors is a delight. It will also bring benefits to you and your pet.

One of the most obvious benefits is your pet can go in and out at any time. So you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog or cat locked outside/inside and you won’t have to get up every time your pet wants to leave the house.

Another benefit is that it discourages your pets from scratching on the insect screening causing unwanted damage.

What are the available sizes for Pet door?

After you have decided that you want to get a Pet door you need to select one from the 3 standard sizes available from the Petway Pet Door range.

Cats generally only need a small size. Even quite large cats can easily access through the small pet door. For a Dog door, you must measure from the dog’s shoulder to the floor and deduct 100mm to arrive at the required pet door size.

These are the available opening sizes:

Small – Flap Size:

240mm high – Suits a dog with Shoulder to ground up to 340mm high.
190mm wide

Medium – Flap size

305mm high – Suits a dog with Shoulder to ground up to 405mm high.
225mm wide

Large – Flap size

400mm high – Suits a dog with Shoulder to ground up to 500mm high.
260mm wide

How about the colour?

There are six standard pet door frame colours you can choose from. Black, White, Primrose, Stone Beige, Bronze and Brown. The flap itself is clear plastic.

Advantages of having a  cat door or dog door for security screens:

– Convenience because you don’t have to open and close the door whenever your pet wants to leave the house;
– Freedom to your pet play outside whenever they want which makes them less bored and happier;
– Cleaner house, since it will be less likely to have an accident on the floor of your house;
– It’s safer for your pet because if there is an emergency, such as a fire, they can escape the house;
– Petway pet doors all have latches that restrict the pet flap movement in multiple ways. So you can set the flap up to allow entry but not exit, exit but not entry, free exit and entry or nil exit and entry.
– Flexible plastic flaps are also available.

Disadvantages of having a pet way door installed:

– If you live in an area with wild animals, such as snakes etc it’s not recommended that your pet goes outside without supervision;
– If there is a swimming pool in your house make sure your pet can not access it unsupervised;
– Your pet may run away or be hit by a car if you don’t have a fenced yard, so it’s not recommended to have a pet door in this case.

How to install a pet door into a security screen?

If you are getting new security or insect screens installed by Starline Security, we can install the pet door for you! When ordering your product tell our sales representative that you need a pet door and they will quote it for you, so you don’t have to worry about the installation.

If you already have a security or insect screen you can install the pet doors by yourself or get Starline Security to install them for you (contact us to get a quote). If you decide to install them by yourself, you can follow the Fitting Instructions from PetWay by clicking here.

Note: Be aware that pet doors may increase the risk of theft or damage by an intruder or unwanted animal. This product is not to be fitted on any doors leading to an unfenced swimming pool.

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