How to measure and Install an 11mm Diamond Grille Screen to an Old G James OX Sliding Window


In this video we will teach you how to measure and Install an 11mm Diamond Grille Screen to an Old G James OX Sliding Window

step 1 – Measure the channel profile

Measure the channel profile widths where the screen is going to be installed. In this situation, the channels are 12 mm, meaning an 11mm window screen frame is the preferred choice. Also, check the colour, style and location of the window to add this information in the ordering portal.

Img 1 9

step 2 – Measure the width

Measure the width from the window jamb to the mullion.   This measurement is 871mm.   Deduct 1 mm for clearance so you can install the screen. In the OrderingPortal enter the manufactured size as 870mm

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step 3 – Measure The maximum drop

The maximum drop measurement is found by measuring inside the top channel to the top lip of the bottom channel. The maximum drop is 455mm.

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step 4 – Measure the minimum drop

The minimum drop is measured by measuring from inside the bottom channel to the top channel lip. Measure is 447mm.  

Img 4 8

step 5 – Check the minimum – maximum difference

The Minimum – Maximum difference is only 8mm. We want a minimum of 5mm of overlap resulting in a tight fit. These older windows lower channels are often bowed upwards.

Img 5 7

For the drop manufacturing size, we resort to taking between 1 to 2mm from the smallest maximum size rather than adding 5mm to the minimum size as we would normally do.  

Img 6 9

The fact this older model of sliding window bows like this often makes them an even tighter fit across the drop and often difficult to get the 5mm overlap we normally seek.

Img 5 8

step 6 – Install the window

Insert the top of the grill into the top channel, swing it across and drop it into the bottom channel.

Img 7 8

step 7 – Mark your fixing points

Mark your fixing points. 100mm in from the corners and evenly spaced by about 300mm. Fix off with a 9.5 mm self-tapping screws at the top and the bottom of the screen.

Img 8 9

step 8 -use 14.5mm security screws

On the side of the Diamond Grille window, use 14.5mm security screws to prevent the screws clashing with the glass sliding window panel. 

Screw Size

step 9 – finish the installation

To finish, Pre-drill and fix off with these security screws. Always make sure the area is clean when you finish.

Img 10 5

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