How to Measure and Install a Security Screen on an Early 80’S Trend – OX Sliding Window

Measure and install a security screen to an old Trend Window.


In this video, we demonstrate how to find measurements and how to install a security screen to an old Trend Window. We will use the pocket fit installation method and will be measuring to suit this style.

step 1 – measure the width

The first step is to work out the screens minimum and maximum widths and drops. To find the maximum width, place the measuring tape inside the channel and measure across to the window mullion lip.  To find the minimum, measure from the same mullion across to the channel lip.

Img 1 1

In this case, we have a minimum of 570 mm and a maximum of 585 mm.

Img 3 1

STEP 2 – work out manufacture size

Leave 5mm per side for fixings. The manufacture size will be 580mm.

Img 4 1

step 3 – Measure the drop

Do the same for the drop. Measure from inside of the top channel to the edge of the bottom channel to find the maximum. The measurement is 1140 mm. To find the minimum, measure from inside the bottom channel to the edge of the top channel. The minimum size is 1128mm.

Img 5 1


We decided that 5mm at the top is enough to fix off the screen. The manufactured size will be the minimum 1128 mm + 5mm, making the manufactured size 1133mm.

Img 6 1

screen manufacture size

Check below the manufacture size for the screen in this video:

Img 7 1

step 5 – install the security screen

First, place the top corner inside the side channel and push towards the top track. While pushing up, twist the screen until it aligns with the top channel.  When in place, move the screen up into the top channel until it drops into the bottom channel. 

Img 8 2

step 6 – fix off the screws.

Work out where the fixing points are going to be.

We recommend measuring 100mm from each corner and mark where you are going to drill. We recommend four fixings points per side and three screws across the top and bottom. Measure from the 100mm point to find out where to place the screws evenly, the screw spacing will be 305mm.

Img 9 1

We use self-drilling security screws which is very fast and smooth. We use a small hook to pull the screen close to the window lip before fastening the security screen. It helps to reduce the gap that can fill with screw swarf making the screen installation more secure. 

Img 10 1

 There you go, another complete installation from Starline Security.

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