How to measure and install a magnetic screen to a casement window.

Install a magnetic screen to a casement window


In this video, you will learn how to measure and install a magnetic screen to a casement window. Traditional wooded joinery casement windows vary a lot.  They were not designed for insect screens.  Each one is unique but there are similar things to look out for when measuring and installing magnetic insect screens.

STEP 1 – check the casement sash handles and catches

First, you need to check the casement sash handles and catches to see how far they project and then measure the jamb or reveals to see how you are going to install your screen. This window’s cockspur bottom catch sticks out 47 mm in the closed position.  

Img 1 4

step 2 – check clearance from the handle

The magnetic screen needs to have clearance from this handle. In this case, we do not have much room to install and we need to find a solution. So how do we fit this magnetic screen?

Img 2 4

step 3 – install a trim angle

Luckily, this casement window has enough space to install a 12 by 20 mm trim angle in reveal onto the sill, head, jamb and vertical post.

Img 3 5

TIP: You can also use a doorstep if you have enough clearance from the handle.

step 4 – measure the width

To find the screen ordering size, measure the width inside the window reveals. We have opening sizes of: Bottom 445 mm; Middle 445 mm; and The top is 448mm. 

Img 4 4

step 5 – measure the drop

To find the drop measure both sides, measuring from head to the sill.  The left-most measurement is 1179mm while the right-hand side is 1178 mm.  

Img 5 3

step 6 – calculate the deductions

We recommend deducting three to five mm from the smallest opening size for your screen manufacture and ordering size. For this installation, we deducted 5 mm from the minimum sizes.  This allows the screen to sit on the 20mm angle even though the casement window is not square.  

Img 6 5

step 7 – install the angles

For the angles, order them a little bit bigger than the opening sizes and cut to size before installing. Casement windows are known to have different measurements for each opening. You have to measure each one. Cut the drop angles to size and place them in the correct position, pre-drill and fix it off with pan head screws.

Img 7 4

step 8 – measure between the drop angles

For the width, measure between the drop angles. The measure is 405mm from the bottom and the top is 410mm. Cut the angles and fix them off.

Img 8 5

step 9 – install the screen

Before we put the magnetic screen on, clean the angle with a grease remover. To install the screen, place the magnetic strip on the screen, and cut off the excess. You can use a little magnetic strip off-cut for the top corner bit.

Img 9 4

step 10 – Install the magnetic strip

Peel off the top magnetic strip double-sided tape first, and then sides. Don’t worry about the bottom just yet.  Position the screen at the top while centering the drops. Take off the bottom sticker.  Slightly push down and press against the sill angle.

Img 10 3

There you go, another installation from Starline Security

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