How to Measure and Install a Diamond Grille Hinged Door on a Short Leg Metal Build Out Frame

In this video you will learn how to install a Diamond Grille Hinged Door on a short leg metal build out frame.


In this video you will learn how to measure and install a Diamond Grille Hinged Door on a short leg metal build out frame.

STEP 1 – measure the widths and the drops

A triple lock hinged Diamond Grille door will be installed. Start by measuring the widths from the side rebate, top, middle, and bottom. Then measure the drops from the sill to the top of the rebate, right, middle, and left.

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If you are installing a hinged to a metal door jamb, we recommend deducting 9 mm from the widths & 14 mm from the drop for the manufacture sizes.

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TIP: Always confirm with the customer the frame and grille colour as they can be different.

step 2 – MeasurE the lock height

We recommend using the Lock-Box-Bottom method. This is measured from the door Sill to the bottom of the security door lock body. 

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step 3 – Install the Door

Place the hinge side of the security door on the sill. Screw the top hinge using the middle hole in the hinge. Screw the remaining hinges with one centre hole only.

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step 4 – insert the lock

To attach the lock start by inserting the cylinder and rotating it to the locked position. Insert the cylinder retaining screw and make it semi-tight and then unlock with the key provided. This ensures that the cylinder won’t move. Assemble the lock faceplates to the door with snib on the inside and fix off with the screws provided.  Follow the lock installation instructions we have included in the lock pack if you are having trouble.

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step 5 – check clearances

Close the door, check clearances, and make sure the door closes properly with even spacing across the whole door. If the gaps are good, you can fix off the hinges.

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step 6 – Attach the striker plates

Engage the lock to the lock position to expose strikers, close the door, and mark the top & bottom of each strikers position. Attach the striker plates to the jamb in centre position with markings visible. Then fix with screws. Pre-drill for this step is needed.

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Once you fixed the strikers to drill out multiple holes to make a rectangular shape, then chisel around the striker plate. Close the door to check if the holes are in line.

step 7 – install the bug strip

Is time to install the bug strip. Measure from the inner door jamb build-out, deducting 1 mm for the cutting size. Thread the pile into your bug strip, crimp off the ends, close the door, and fix the bug strip from the inside of the door.  

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