How to Measure and Install a Colonial Casting Hinged Door to a Welded Aluminium Build Out Frame

In this video, we install a Colonial Casting Hinged door to a Welded Build Out Frame.


In this video, we will teach you how to measure and install a Colonial Casting Hinged Door to a Welded Aluminium Build out Frame.

Step 1 – measuring the opening sizes

Measure the width opening sizes from the edges of the build-out jambs. Measurement is 860mm.

Image 1

Deduct 9mm for to a manufactured size of 851 mm.

Step 2 – MeaSure the drop

Measure drop from the sill to the top bottom edge of the build-out frame head, in this case, 2090mm.

Image 2

Don’t forget your deductions, for this build-out deduct 14mm for the manufactured size of 2076 mm.

Step 3 – Measure the lock height

Measure the lock height from the sill to the top of existing lock handle, in this case, 1100mm. Add 20 mm for the security door lock height using the lockbox bottom method in the ordering portal.

Image 3

Step 4 – Installing the door

Hang Door 1

Hang the door over the sill, when in position fix with flat head self-tapping screws. Screw the middle hole only, first the top hinge, then the bottom and finish with the middle one. Close the door and check the squareness. Adjust if needs realignment.

Once the door is in the right position, you can fix off the remaining screws.

Step 5 – install the triple lock

Triple Lock

First, engage the lock to expose the strikers, close the door to mark striker cut-outs using a pencil, open the door and trace a line with the pencil where the striker tongue will sit.

Position the striker plate to the build-out jamb, make sure the strikers are in line with the edge of the door beading. Pre-drill before installing the pop rivets. Carefully drill cut-outs inside the perimeter of the striker. Then use a chisel to make the tongue space. With the striker’s tongues finished, test the lock.

step 6 – install the bug strip

Image 4

Measure the bug strip to sit inside the door between the door stops for maximum coverage.

step 7 – Cut the bug strip to size

Bug Strip

Cut the bug strip to size using a saw, check if the bug strip fits nicely then insert pile and cut to measure. To fix the bug strip, close the door fixing the bug strip from the inside for a better seal.

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