How to Choose the Right Security Screen Mesh for Your Home?

Are you looking to buy a security screen mesh for you home, but confused which one to pick? If so, this guide is going to break down your options so […]

Are you looking to buy a security screen mesh for you home, but confused which one to pick? If so, this guide is going to break down your options so you can decide which is best. Security screens are made to keep out unwanted intruders, including humans and insects.

There are three popular types of security screens to choose from in Australia, and they are Diamond Grille, SecureView and BasiX. We will briefly look at each type of screen and highlight the benefits of each one.  

Stainless Steel Security Mesh Options

Here are the best security screen options with stainless steel mesh.

Diamond Grille Screens

Diamond Grille security screens are a versatile and budget friendly option. They offer excellent protection, while still providing a good level of ventilation. The diamond grille can be chosen in two options:

Standard Diamond

The openings are approximately 83mm * 69mm (61mm across) and 7.0mm thick.

Small Diamond

The openings are approximately 63mm * 57mm (46mm across) and 7.2mm thick.
The small diamond increases security level and makes it almost impossible for small hands to reach through.


  • Versatility. Can be fitted to different sized and shaped windows and doors such as sliding, fixed and hinged.
  • Colour. Can be customised with over 200 colour options and a unique powder coating process.
  • Security. Offers high strength and can be made to work with a range of high grade security features.
  • Flyscreens. Can be paired with the appropriate flyscreen mesh to suit your situation.
  • Fallsafe. The security screen mesh is recognised as fallsafe and is compliant with the ‘’Kids Don’t Fly’’ building code.


The SecureView screen offers top grade security, while still allowing stunning views. Made from marine grade, high tensile, stainless steel woven mesh, this screen is one of the toughest on the market, so you can eliminate the fear of break-ins or unwanted guests.


  • Premium security screen
  • Excellent airflow and visibility
  • Peace of mind for the safety and wellbeing of your family
  • Secure from extreme weather conditions as its built to last
  • Fallsafe and compliant with the ‘’Kids Don’t Fly’’ building code

BasiX Fall Prevention Screens

BasiX screens are made from a slightly thinner, 316 woven, marine grade, stainless steel mesh, that’s top quality. While they don’t offer the high security levels as other screens, they do offer great style, visibility and corrosion resistance. Plus, they’re extremely affordable and offer excellent insect protection.


  • Value for money
  • Increase cooler airflow
  • Ventilation and mold prevention
  • Can be customised to match the level of security you require
  • Built to last and highly scratch resistant
  • Compliant with the ‘’Kids Don’t Fly’’ building code

Perforated Aluminum Security Mesh Options

Here is the best security screen option made from Perforated Aluminum mesh.

XCeed Aluminum Security Screens

XCeed security screens are made from high grade, perforated, corrosion resistant aluminum panels. These panels are 1.6mm thick and comply with Australian Standards (AS 5039). XCeed screens are an affordable option and while they offer a little less visibility than some other screens, they’re incredibly strong and have a modern look.


  • Ideal for coastal homes with high corrosion resistance
  • Completely screw-less and rivet-less to enhance security
  • Offers higher privacy levels than woven screen mesh
  • Aluminum screens are more cost-effective than some stainless steel options
  • XCeed screens help to block the suns harsh UV rays

Which Security Screen Mesh is Right for You?

As you can see, there’s a security screen mesh option to suit every budget, home and family. Have a think about the features that are important to you, such as security, view, durability and cost to name a few. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can choose one of the security screens above that best suits your needs.

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