How much does a security screen or door cost?

Security screens and door range in price depending on the size, style and accessories that you require. Check out our latest article to get a rough idea of the different price points for windows, hinged doors and sliding doors.

There are many different types of security screens available on the market these days, and the different styles will all vary in price. In this article, we’re going to look at the average cost of a number of different security screen and door options including hinged and sliding doors. We’re also going to look at the different screen types including Diamond Grille, Stainless Steel mesh, Colonial Castings, SecureView and more.

How much does the average security screen for a window cost?

Starting with a normal sized screen for a sliding window – a bedroom sliding window which is most likely about 900 millimetres wide by 1200 millimetres high – and installing a diamond grille window screen, you’re probably looking at somewhere around $150. From there, you would go to our BasiX 316 stainless woven safety screen which would cost you somewhere around $250. Then you’re looking at Xceed perforated aluminium sheet, which is priced similarly to BasiX, being only marginally more expensive in the $250-275 range. And then finally you have our premium product, SecureView, which will be somewhere around the $350 mark.

That covers virtually all of your security screen products that we sell for a typical sized bedroom sliding window (colonial castings are available for windows while insect screens offer no security).

How much does the average hinged security door cost?

The average sized hinged door size in Australia is around 820 by 2040 mm. The important thing to remember with security doors in Australia is that the locking mechanism is important – if your door only has a single lock then it is not going to be classed as a security door, no matter what material it is made out of. A single lock diamond grill door is classed as a safety door and will likely cost around $350. The triple lock door (security grade) on the other hand will be somewhere around $450-$500 depending on which accessories you choose. That pricing is based on a standard door jamb. One that doesn’t need a build-out frame (a build-out frame would add an additional $50-100 to the total cost). As you can see there is a lot of price variability based on door specifications and installation factors.

Next up we have the BasiX 316 stainless woven mesh option. BasiX is not a security door; it doesn’t pass the Australian standards – but it does make a really good barrier or safety door. You also have the option of having it installed with the triple lock, but it isn’t as strong as your SecureView or Xceed options. A BasiX door is probably going to cost around $550-600 for a single lock and approximately $700 for the triple lock option.

A security upgrade is Xceed. An Xceed perforated 1.6mm aluminium perforated door is slightly more expensive than BasiX, coming in at $600-650 for a single lock or around $750 for a triple lock.

Our premium security product, SecureView, starts at around $700 for a single lock door and around $850 for a triple lock door.


How much does the average sliding security door cost?

Sliding doors are usually a bit bigger than hinged doors so it makes sense that these cost a bit more. Typically around 950 millimetres wide by 2100 high. Generally, you will find that a sliding door costs about $100 more than a hinged door across the whole range. The larger you go in size, the more expensive it will become. For example, a sliding door that was 1200 wide by 2100 high might start at $700 and go up to $1100.

I hope that answers your question. Price matters.

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