How do I get a quote for security screens and doors?

At Starline Security, we do things differently. Our new online portal allows us to generate fast, accurate quotes for customers, without ever setting foot in their home! Learn how we’ve cut out the pushy salesperson from our quoting process in our latest blog article.

The Traditional way of Quoting

The traditional way of getting a quote for security screens and doors begins with a Google search (or worse, opening up the Yellow Pages!), looking up the various companies, and giving them all a call to request your 3 or so on-site quotes. This is the way that quotes have been done pretty much since forever.

Unfortunately, this way is not great for the customer, because it is quite time intensive for them – they need to take time off work so that they can be at home, and they have to endure the process of dealing with salespeople in their home.

Alternatively, most businesses will have a showroom of some sort where you can go and view the products at a time that you choose, and which is convenient to you. But this option also has some drawbacks, as there are a lot of variations in the cost of security screen products, and you may not be armed with the required information and measurements to receive an accurate quote from a salesperson in the showroom.

Big Data

Advancements in technology have opened up a new avenue of quoting that is proving to be quite accurate. The rise of online platforms like Google Maps and Google Image Search have made it easier for people to access photos and information about your house or home remotely. If you’ve ever had your house listed on a real estate website, then it is highly likely there are photos available online of every room in your home. Add to that Google Map’s ability to view the exterior of your home, and someone can get a decent enough idea of the style of your doors and windows to provide you with a quote.

Tech’s big data as well as tools that can help calculate the window and door sizes from images and there really isn’t any reason to send a sales person out to your home to do a measure and quote. If a screen company is still pushing to do this, it is likely because they want to send a salesperson to employ sales tactics and try to pressure you to sign on the dotted line then and there.

Online Screen and Door Quoting System – Ordering Portal.

At Starline Security, we aren’t interested in using high pressure sales tactics. We’re more interested in getting an estimate to our customer, as quickly and accurately as possible. Which is why we have invested in creating our own online quoting portal.

Our online ordering portal allows us to input all of your sizes, your type of screen, your grade and your style, and provides you with a detailed, accurate quote. It covers all of the different types of security screens and doors, and allows us to email our customers their quote directly.

Photos tell us all we need to know

To improve our clients estimate accuracy we ask for photos of each window and door that requires an insect or security door. Our experienced team or dealer can deduce a lot of information from photos. A dealer can essentially provide you with a detailed and accurate quote in a short turn-around time, without actually setting foot in your home.

We can often work out the measurement of the doors and windows from photos without using photo size recognition measure software. For example, if there is brick work in the photo, we can count the number of bricks and work it out that way. And then once we know the height, we can look at the width and estimate the width of the door.

Our dealers check it out, order it and get it all installed for you

Our online ordering portal can send you a price. If you are happy with this price estimate, we will send one of our dealers out to check-measure to ensure they have the exact measurements (and all other product specifications) before finalising your order.

The system also allows us to add in any accessories and other bits and pieces that are required, ensuring that the pricing your dealer finalises with you will be accurate and reflect all costs.

Summarising your role in the Online Quoting Process

The first step in our online ordering process is to get in touch and tell us what products you’re after. We’ll request your address along with photos of each door and window you require screens for. If you are able to provide measurements as well, then great. If not, we will estimate based off the images you provide.

We will then provide you with an estimate based on the information you provide; we will talk you through the different parts of the estimate over the phone and discuss any additional options available.

Once you receive the estimate, you can decide if you want to proceed. It’s that easy. If you’d like to get started with requesting a quote, please get in touch with Starline Security.

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