Things to consider when choosing a Fly Screen Mesh

FLY SCREEN MESH There are some aspects you need to take into account before choosing the right insect screen or mesh for your door and window screens for your house. […]


There are some aspects you need to take into account before choosing the right insect screen or mesh for your door and window screens for your house. This blog post will help you to understand the different types of fly screens available so you can select the best one.


Insect screens are the perfect solution if you are worried about insects getting into your house. However, these types of screens will not add any security to your house.

Here are some aspects you have to consider before buying them.


To choose the best flyscreen option for your doors and windows, you need to know what is important to you. Here is a short list of requirements matched with the best flyscreen option.

  • On a strict budget?: Standard flyscreens are the lowest cost option.
  • Do you live close to the beach or are allergic to sandflies?: Choose our Sand-fly mesh
  • Have pets but still want good visibility and ventilation: Choose Paw proof Lite fly screen mesh
  • Have cats or dogs that are constantly destroying your standard flyscreen?  Paw proof dog and cat resistant insect screen is your best insect screening option.
  • Want a nearly invisible insect screen?:  You’ll not find a better solution than our UltraVue® by Phifer “invisible” flyscreen.  
  • Need something a bit more sturdy and longer lasting than standard insect mesh? Choose Patio & Pool insect mesh.  Our Magnetic insect screens specify this mesh as standard.
  • Aluminium insect mesh – for Bushfire zones up to BAL 29 rating
  • Stainless mesh – for bushfire zones up to BAL 40 rating.
  • One Way Vision – For enhanced privacy.

Check the chart below to understand which fly screen mesh is the best choice for your house. If you want to see the complete chart with technical specifications of each mesh download it here.

Starline Security Fly And Insect Mesh Comparison Chart


There are three different types of insects screens on the market.  Fixed and Magnetic. Here are their characteristics:

Fly Screen Doors

Fixed insect screens refer to is an insect screen that is held taught by a fixed frame. Your typical window screen, hinged or sliding door are all examples of fixed insect screens.

Incredibly versatile, these insect screens can be specified with a huge range of options to suit your needs.

They are the most common flyscreens we sell and it’s easy to see why. They’re cheap, versatile and functional and there is a wide variety of options, accessories and colours that you can choose from.  

For awning windows that do not use a chain-winder mechanism, and for virtually all casement windows, we recommend using magnetic insect screens.

Magnetic Insect Screen (2)

Magnetic fly screens are a favourite for use in ‘Queenslander’ style homes and other styles that use push out awning and casement windows. Push out windows are those where the windows push out from the inside so screening externally is not practical while screening internally requires access through or around the screen to get to the window handles and catches.

A Magnetic screens border frame is flexible. It allows you to lift the screen to gain access around the screens for opening or closing your windows effortlessly.

Due to this flexible design, magnetic screens require a more robust insect mesh and we specify patio & pool fly mesh in all our magnetic insect screens.

Note: Paw proof and other stiff mesh materials like aluminium or stainless insect mesh are unsuitable for Magnetic insect screens.


If your home is in a bushfire zone, your house needs to be BAL rating compliant (You can check the Guide to Windows and Doors in Bushfire Prone Areas here). There are aluminium or stainless insect screens available for this purpose. This way you and your family are as safe as possible. Note: Always follow directions from the Authorities during bushfires and have a bushfire plan in place.


If you are looking for a cheap solution for your house, fixed fly screens are the cheapest ones you can install in your house.

Magnetic screens are slightly more expensive than fixed screens, but they’re still a budget-friendly option for homes that use push out awning and casement windows.


Fly screens aren’t classified as a security product. So if you are looking for some level of security besides being free from insects, you need to get security screens.

Read more about security screen ratings here to understand the different security screen grades on the market.

Keep in mind that insect screens are designed to provide ventilation while keeping insects out.

They will NOT prevent a child’s fall from a window. (Check here which Type and Grade of Screens are safely able to prevent children from falling out of any window).

Note: If you only have insect screens on your upper-level windows do not remove any window opening restrictors your builder may have installed without installing a Safety grade window screen in its place or your home will be in breach of the building code.

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