Can You Install Screens on Saturday or After Hours?

Do we install security screens on the weekend or after hours? Read our latest article to find out when our work hours are, how much extra it’ll cost you for a weekend job, and how our options are quite flexible to complete the job no matter who’s home at the time.

Can you install my screens on the weekend or after hours? This is a question we at Starline Security get quite often from customers who are getting an installation done from us or one of our dealers. The usual reason being that they work during weekdays and would like to be there when we are installing the security screens in their home or business.

The simple answer is yes, we can perform installations outside of normal work hours. However, it will come at an extra expense of $100 more. While we are sensitive and understanding of people’s preference to have us over on the weekend or after hours, we do prefer to perform our work during weekdays so that we don’t sacrifice our own family time.

Starline Security and most Dealers Regular Work Hours

At Starline Security, and for most of our Dealers, opening hours are Monday to Friday. Most trade dealers don’t open Saturday or Sunday. We do tend to start work early though. Installations can commence on site as early as 7am. The same goes for most of our authorised and experienced dealers. Legally, in Australia, trades people aren’t allowed to begin their jobs before 7am, and those projects will usually take them through to the afternoon, ending around 5pm at the latest. And while we love doing what we do, our work weeks are often well over 40 hours completing installations, taking orders, and doing quotes.

This is why we charge extra for jobs that take place on the weekends. Overtime pay is a common and accepted practice around Australia, and you’ll find most dealers embracing the same conditions. After all, at the end of the day, we are regular people who value their family time over the weekend, which is why we place a higher price on working Saturdays and Sundays. Mondays to Fridays are our workdays, so we are expected to be working those hours. Any jobs that are requested to be completed outside of those times would normally come with the extra cost of around $100.

Working Around Your Schedule

We do have some customers who choose to take the day off work so they can be there while we install our security screens. However, we reckon these cases account for less than half of all our jobs. Why? Because there are so many easy alternatives for us to do our work even if you are absent.

As we aim to be at the site by 7am, we often get an opportunity to talk to the customer before they leave for work allowing us to communicate in further detail about what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. They are okay with us working in their home while they are out and are comfortable with us locking up on our way out.

Even if no one is going to be home when we arrive, there are plenty of workarounds to solve this problem. If it’s a rental property, we can go to the real estate agent and request a key. As long as they have given 24 hours’ notice to the tenant this is perfectly normal practice. Afterwards, we will return the key, and you’ll return to a more secure home. We can also pick up the keys on site, whether they’re stored in a key lock box or in a safe hiding place for us to collect and return during the day.

It’s also not uncommon for our customers to have a friend or family member come over in their absence to let us in and complete your order. Access is not an issue, so don’t feel like you have to be there to let us in and see us out, meaning you won’t have to pay extra to have us on the weekend and we can continue operating during our standard work hours.

Addressing Your Concerns

One of the main reasons we have customers request they be there while we install their security screens is so they can tell us exactly how they want the job to be executed. While we appreciate their passion for the products, all of our communication will be completed beforehand thanks to our innovative online ordering portal and our friendly customer service team.

Our ordering portal allows you to customise exactly what kind of screens you want, what options and accessories you’d like included, and precisely where you want them installed in your home. This allows us at Starline Security to match our products with your order so that when it comes time for installation, no more details are required.

Some customers are also weary of letting us into their house while they aren’t there for fear of us misplacing their trust. It’s possible they’ve had a bad experience with another trade dealer who ruined their property, or worse, stole their belongings. Not only is such an act extremely unprofessional, but it also falls under criminal behaviour, and at Starline Security, it’s our job to protect homes from such horrendous behaviour.

Trade dealers who steal from their clients don’t last very long in the industry, and we are proud of the 25 years of trust we have built up with our customers as we always seek to perform our jobs in a manner befitting our professional and moral standards. You can always place your confidence in us getting the job done, whether you are home or not.

We’re Always Here to Help

We sincerely hope this article has addressed the question of whether we work on weekends or after hours. In short, we can, and we will, but it will come at an extra cost. There are a myriad of options where we can complete our work of installing your security screens during weekdays, even if you aren’t home.

At the end of the day, Starline Security is always striving for excellence, reliability, and a strong relationship with our customers. So, if you have any more questions about our work times, or would like to arrange a free quote, then we’d love to hear from you on 07 3272 2974.

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