Can I Remove the Opening Restrictors on My Windows?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to remove the window restrictors from your top-story windows? The answer is no, but we have a replacement alternative that maximises your ventilation while being building code compliant – learn more in our latest article.

We often get asked the following question from our customers: “I have child safety opening restrictors on my windows. Can I remove them? I need more ventilation!”

The answer is no, you can’t remove them (unless you install safety screens) – they are part of the Australian building code and it may be illegal to remove them. You will usually find restrictors on windows that are on the second or third story of a house, or higher on apartment buildings. The window opening restrictor prevents the window from opening any further than 120-125 millimetres and they can be found on all types of windows that open outwards as well as sliding windows.

There is a type of window restrictor that has a key where you can remove them quite easily – they’re called removable restrictors – but they’re only supposed to be removed in case of fire. They are not meant to be removed willy nilly; they are required to be there for child fall from height safety.

What is the solution to my ventilation problem?

If you would like to get maximum ventilation then you will need to replace the restrictor with a special type of screen that meets child fall from height building code requirements. These screens are much stronger than standard fly screen mesh and need to be fitted and installed by a qualified tradesman but are a legal alternative to having window opening restrictors on multi-story buildings.

At Starline Security, when we install these high ventilation safety screens on your home, we will remove the restrictors for you and provide you with compliance forms to state that your house is now compliant with the building code.

Need more information?

Head to the Starline Security website if you’d like to learn more about our child safety screens or get in touch to request a quote.

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