Are your windows safe for your children?

Security or Safety screens for child protection

Having children in your home means you need to protect them from accidents or prevent them entirely when the consequences are dire. The list of possibilities that may cause your child harm are almost limitless, but it’s necessary to focus on the direst, and then implement the changes that will make your home safer.

Pool safety has always been the most pressing issue however with more homes being two stories or higher and a growing trend towards families adopting apartment-style living, window safety has now firmly become the second most pressing issue for preventable child deaths in the home.

The Australian Window Association (AWA) has created a Window safety checklist (go here to read the complete AWA checklist) to increase the community awareness on safety for windows and doors. Here are some tips:

Has your family determined an emergency fire escape plan?

Determine your family’s emergency escape plan and practice it regularly.

Do you keep windows shut when children are around?

You should keep your windows closed and locked when children are around. When opening windows for ventilation, open windows with restrictors or compliant safety or security screens. (Check here which Type and Grade of Screens are safely able to prevent children from falling out of any window)

Don’t rely on insect screens to prevent a fall.

Insect screens are designed to provide ventilation while keeping insects out.  They are not designed to, nor will they prevent a child’s fall from a window. (Check here which Type and Grade of Screens are safely able to prevent children from falling out of any window)

Is there furniture placed under or near windows in your home?

Keep furniture — or anything children can climb — away from unprotected windows. Children may use such objects as a climbing aid.  This also applies to balconies, decks, or any area where a severe consequence fall may be possible.

Are your windows fitted with key locks, vent locks or deadlocks?

Make sure that keys to all locked or restricted windows and doors are accessible in case of emergency. Each and every window and door must be able to be opened quickly when required.  If your window is fitted with a screen then a glass breaking hammer can be positioned close at hand for adults while being out of reach for small children.

Inspect your home’s windows carefully.

Are any windows in your home painted or nailed shut? Never paint or nail windows shut. You should be able to open them to escape in an emergency.

Did you know that strategic landscaping may lessen the extent of injury sustained in the event fall does occur?

Plant shrubs and soft edging like wood chips or grass under windows to cushion potential falls. The ground surface can greatly affect the degree of injury sustained from a fall.

Child fall protection

In 2016 a new building code came into effect that resulted in greater safety for children in all new homes. This code has resulted in two pathways to child fall protection dependant upon the situation. Refer to the Flow-Chart below.

  1. Child Resistant window opening restriction
  2. Permanent window opening restriction

NOTE:  Do not remove any window opening restrictors without installing a Safety grade window screen in its place or your home will be in breach of the building code.  “Child-resistant” means only able to be removed with a key, simple tools, screwdriver or the coordinated use of two hands. “Permanent” means unable to be removed without specialist tools.

The only time any window opening restriction can be legally removed, and not replacing it by installing a compliant safety screen, is in cases of emergency egress; such as a fire.

Check the chart below to see if your house meets the specifications:

Australian Window Association

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