Are there any finance options available?

The short answer is no. We have yet to find a finance option that keeps our products and services at a fair and economical price for our customers and dealers.

Does Starline Security offer Buy Now, Pay Later security screen options?

Customers often ask us if we have finance, buy now, pay later, or 12–24-month interest free store cards available for their order. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to provide this service to our customers, but we are always looking for a finance option that provides the best economic value to our customers.

In the name of affordability

In order to keep our products economical for customers we have elected to avoid finance options. In the past we have investigated store cards, finance options, buy now pay later, and 12-24 months interest free offers, however most of these options stipulated the price of our services would need to be increased by up to 20% to cover their service fees. This means a $5000 installation would have to be increased to $6000 to cover the cost of the finance options. Some finance options even stipulated that the price of all of our products would have to be increased for every customer in order to make their finance option look more attractive.

In the past we have offered this service to customers while being transparent about the extra associated costs; 99% of the time, the customers elected to not pay the extra cost for the finance option. Some of the newer online options such as AfterPay and ZipPay look like they might be an excellent alternative, unfortunately their finance options aren’t available for trade services.

Finance options are a service we would like to offer our customers, at a fair, reasonable and economical price. Until we are able to find a finance option that is agreeable for both us and our customers, we are unable to provide these services to our customers.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our team.

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