4 Reasons “No” is the most important word in security screen sales

In our latest article, we discuss four reasons why “no” is the most important word you can say to your customer in security screen sales discussions, and how it can determine whether or not you are the right fit for one another.

In sales, and particularly sales in technical items that are fully custom-made such as security screens and doors, the most universal word to generate respect and rapport with a customer is the word “No.” Being able to say no to a customer builds a sense of trust in the salesperson and their product. A salesperson that can confidently say no to a customer knows the products they are offering, and knows the capabilities of their business.

We’ve outlined the top four reasons how learning to say ‘no’ will lead to a stronger and more efficient security screen sales business.


The ability to say no to a customer takes confidence. It isn’t easy to say no to a customer. It is sometimes tempting to take the easy road and say yes to outrageous demands to try to save yourself a customer. However doing this often leaves you walking out the door thinking “how am I going to get that done?”

Don’t say yes to a customer when you should have said no. Customers are smart. They know when you have told them a lie and they will have instantly lost all trust in you. In order to keep the confidence of your customer, don’t lie.

If the customer asks you a question or makes a demand you know you aren’t able to do, you must say no. In this circumstance no is a positive affirmation. Make sure you stick to your guns. Once you say no, you cannot turn around and change your answer to yes when the customer continues to press.

If you have the confidence to say no, customers instantly know you understand what you are doing. No is a positive.

Knowledge and experience

Each business is unique and has a set of capabilities. It takes a lot of experience to know what it is that you can and can’t do. In sales, you need to have an understanding of your business’ capabilities, as well as how long it’s going to take to deliver your product to your customer. Having confidence in your knowledge of these numbers will give you the ability to be able to confidently say no and set your customer’s expectations.

If you say “yes, I can do that”, you have to deliver. If you’re not sure you can deliver and you say “yes, I can do that” to a customer, this will often end up being a big mistake.

When you communicate, make sure the customer is aware that you have said no. Leaving any uncertainty in your reply gives the customer the opportunity to, at the end of the job, turn around and question your integrity. You don’t want uncertainty.

Don’t be wishy washy. No gives everyone clarity.

Passing your customer’s test

In sales, “no” is sometimes used by customers to test a salesperson. When a customer makes a demand that they know (or have a pretty good idea) you are unable to deliver on, they are often testing you.

For example, if you have said throughout the conversation that your lead time is between three and four weeks and the customer suddenly offers to give you the job if you can get it done in three or four days. The only response to give to that offer is no. If you turn around and tell your customer maybe, or I’ll have to think about it, the customer is going to know you are lying. They have given you a test and you have failed.

Sales Tip: It’s also important to note that “can I have a discount?” is a buying question. I believe when a customer asks if they can have a discount, 90% of the time they have already decided that they’re going to go with you at the price that you’ve already given them. When a customer asks, “Can I have a discount on that,” No is exactly the same as a Yes to their next most favourite question “Is that your best price?”

No is often the most important word to use when customers are testing you.

The right fit

No is a powerful word. It can often be your saviour. When a customer starts asking for things you know you can’t commit to, you have to have the confidence to say, and continue to say, no. No, we can’t get it done by that time. No, we can’t put a door in your window. No, my staff will need to wear their safety boots because your home is currently a construction site and we need to follow WH&S rules.

It’s important to remember you don’t need to work with every single customer that you come in contact with. Sometimes customers and your business are not a good fit. If you feel that working together is going to be an unpleasant experience, you are allowed to tell them no, sorry, I don’t think we are the right fit for one another.

No is a definitive word. Give thanks to no. Embrace its power.

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