What is UltraVue Insect Mesh?

Are you looking for a lighter, finer insect mesh to install on the doors and windows in your home? UltraVue might be the product just for you!

What is UltraVue mesh, and what are the benefits?

UltraVue insect mesh is a very fine and easy to see through insect mesh made by Phifer in America. The best thing about UltraVue mesh is that it is really easy to see through. When you stand back from an insect screen that’s been covered with UltraVue insect mesh, you can barely notice that it’s there – it’s super easy to see through. Another benefit of the UltraVue insect mesh is that it lets in a lot of ventilation.

The main disadvantage of UltraVue mesh is that it is not very strong – the strands tend to break, especially when you have dogs and cats or small children. It is ideal for homeowners who don’t have pets and who’s children are a bit older and unlikely to damage the screens. Standard flyscreen mesh and paw proof mesh options are stronger than the UltraVue and better suited to families with young children and pets.

UltraVue vs BetterVue

Another option also manufactured by Phifer in America is BetterVue.

BetterVue is similar to UltraVue but the strands are a bit stronger. However, the product is not quite as easy to see through as UltraVue, so the added strength does come at the cost of some of your visibility.

But the BetterVue is still easier to see through than standard insect screens, so it could be a suitable option for families with younger children, who want better visibility than standard mesh offers, but need something a bit stronger than UltraVue.

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