What is the price difference between the various insect mesh types?

Starline Security stocks quite a number of different insect flyscreen mesh types. In this article, we are comparing the costs of each variety, starting with standard flyscreens and covering premium products such as paw proof, BetterVue and UltraVue.

Standard Fibreglass Insect Mesh:

Our most popular by far is our standard fibreglass insect mesh. A typical aluminium fixed frame window screen would be around $60 installed into a modern aluminium framed OX sliding glass window.

Standard insect mesh has an opening weave that’s between 1.22- and 1.5-millimetres square resulting in the best compromise between strength, visibility and ventilation. The standard mesh is by far the least expensive.

Patio and Pool Insect Mesh:

From the standard fibreglass insect mesh we move into some of the stronger and thicker insect mesh options, starting with our patio and pool insect mesh. The strands in the weave are similar to standard in this option, with the opening size being anywhere between 1.3 and 1.5 millimetres.

Patio and pool insect mesh is made from a heavier fibreglass mesh. It is still in the same vein as standard insect mesh, but it is heavier, and it is more damage resistant. It also comes in larger width rolls, which is why it is mostly used for insect screen enclosures, especially those seen going over swimming pools, or being used for patio enclosures.

A patio and pool screen insect mesh may cost around $70 for a standard sized screen.

Paw Proof Lite Insect Mesh

The next option up from that is called paw proof lite. This is one of the insect meshes that’s designed to be more resistant to cats and dogs. These are very sturdy mesh insect screens that have been vinyl dipped. Vinyl dipping involves many, many hundreds of strands of fibreglass in segments being woven inside each strand; then, when the weave is put together, it is run through a vinyl bath and covered in in a vinyl coating which makes it very impact resistant.

A paw proof light insect mesh screen is likely to cost $80 for a standard window size.

Paw Proof Insect Mesh

So there’s paw proof lite, which is still fairly easy to see through and does let through good ventilation (but is certainly a lot darker than patio and pool mesh, which is darker than standard insect mesh). From there, we move onto something even heavier again, which is paw proof insect mesh.

Paw proof mesh is what most people get when they have cats and dogs that are prone to scratching and tearing the mesh. It is stronger than the paw proof lite option, but again this does come at the cost of visibility. It is the sturdiest synthetic mesh that we carry.
It should be noted that the paw proof mesh option is not resistant to burglars in any way. There is no flyscreen mesh option that is resistant to break-ins – for break-in resistance, please refer to our full range of security screen options.

A paw proof insect mesh screen will cost around $90 for a standard window size.

BetterVue and UltraVue

All of the options we have looked so far offer a stronger, more scratching or damage resistant option than your standard fly screen mesh. But their strength does affect their visibility and ventilation. We now start to move in the other direction with options that offer greater visibility and ventilation, but which are not as strong as a standard flyscreen mesh.

BetterVue and UltraVue are both manufactured by an American company called Phifer. They are high quality insect meshes. While being a premium product, their pricing is comparable with aluminium insect mesh. A BetterVue or UltraVue screen might cost around one and a half times the cost of a standard mesh screen.

Insect Mesh Pricing:

We’ve covered off some of the main options available for insect screen mesh and their average pricing for a standard sized window:

  • Standard Flyscreen Mesh starts at around $60
  • Patio and Pool Mesh starts at around $70
  • Paw Proof Light starts at around $80
  • Paw Proof starts at around $90
  • BetterVue starts at around $80
  • UltraVue starts at around $90

These prices include the frame for the window as well, not just the mesh. They are for a standard window in a standard colour – some different types of windows like louvres, may require build-out frames or additional alterations and are therefore going to be more expensive than the pricing listing above. This is just a starting point to give you an idea of the price variations between the different standard and premium mesh options; it is not a quote or exact pricing.

If you would like to request a quote for any of the flyscreen mesh options listed above, please get in touch with Starline Security.

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