Starline Portal – Tracking Orders

In this video, we explore how Starline’s ordering portal can make tracking orders a breeze for any dealers.

Our tracking system has been designed with 2 specific goals in mind. 

Goal One: Manage Your Sales Process 

The first is to help you manage your sales process. Using our system, you can see the various stages of your sales prospects.  

These include drafts.

Tracking Orders 1

Estimates and quotes waiting to be reviewed by customers.

Tracking Orders 2

Approved estimates and quotes that are ready to be sent to production. 

Tracking Orders 3

Quotes and estimates under review that have questions from your clients.

Tracking Orders 4

As well as rejected estimates and quotes. 

Tracking Orders 5

By showing you the various stages of your prospects, our system can help you finish your unfinished tasks.

Tracking Orders 6

Follow up potential customers.

Tracking Orders 7

Address their queries.

Tracking Orders 8

And book new jobs. 

Tracking Orders 9

Goal Two: Manage Lead Times 

The second goal of our tracking system is to help you manage your lead times. Similar to your sales prospects, our tracking system can show you the various stages of your orders. These include orders pending approval from the Starline production team. 

Tracking Orders 10

Orders in production.

Tracking Orders 11

Orders that need more information.

Tracking Orders 12

And dispatched orders. 

Tracking Orders 13

Using this simple yet effective tracking system will help you manage your workload and book installations with confidence. 

The tracking system also offers a search and filtering system where you can perform a quick search – for example, a client name – or use the filtering system to display specific results.

Tracking Orders 14

Get in Touch 

The tracking system is just one amazing feature from Starline’s comprehensive ordering portal. To access all these great features, become a Starline dealer today by going to and pressing “Apply Now”. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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