Starline Portal – Ordering Portal Intro

In this video, we take a look at Starline Security’s innovative online ordering portal and how it can help your business reach new heights.

Are you looking to speed up your quoting and ordering process? Perhaps finding an easier way to follow up customers? Or maybe just reliable lead times so you can book your installations with confidence? We have put this wishlist and much more in a state of the art ordering portal to power our dealers to do what they do best: sell and install security screens.

Ordering Portal 1

Introducing the Starline Security Ordering Portal. A simple and easy way to quote and order online. You can fully customise insect and security screens. Whether you’re quoting one screen, an accessory or hardware item, or an entire home, our portal is designed to streamline the entire process and give your business the flexibility and competitive edge it needs.

A Streamlined Quoting and Ordering Process

Using our online quoting portal, you can give your clients instant prices on a wide range of security and insect screens to fit almost any door or window.

Ordering Portal 2

Cloning and Bulk Editing Features

No more spending hours calculating quotes using outdated price lists. Our cloning and bulk editing features allow you to create multiple different quotes in minutes.

Ordering Portal 3

Fear no more when a client asks for different options as our system has been designed just for that.

Ordering Portal 4

Communicate with Customers 

After you finish quoting, you can email your customers directly with the click of a button.

Ordering Portal 5

Better yet, your customers can review or approve their orders directly.

Ordering Portal 6

Track Quotes

Our one click quote-to-order process allows you to submit orders to production in seconds, even if that quote was submitted a while ago.

Ordering Portal 7

By using our simple yet effective tracking system, you will always know where things are – from draft quotes to dispatched orders and everything in between.

Ordering Portal 8

Search and Filtering Tools 

Our powerful search and filtering tools make it easy to search for any client or ordering status ensuring you are always in control of your business.

Ordering Portal 9

Helpful Dashboard 

The dashboard has been designed to give you quick access to some of the most commonly performed tasks in the portal, as well as a snapshot of your sales, orders, and opportunities. 

Ordering Portal 10

Become a Starline Dealer

Ordering a security or insect screen has never been easier. Sign up today to become a Starline Security dealer by visiting Click the “Apply Now” button and fill out your application. 

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