Starline Portal – How to Create a New Order Using the Starline Security Ordering Portal

In this video, we look at how easy it is to create a new order in Starline’s innovative online ordering portal.

Creating a new order using our portal is a fairly simple process.

Step One: Log Into Your Account 

First, go to, click “Sign in to your Account”, enter your username and password.

Portal New Order 1

Step Two: Creating a New Order 

Now that you are on your dashboard, click on “Create New Order”.

Portal New Order 2

Here, you can choose between creating a new customer, choosing an existing customer, or proceeding without a customer. 

Portal New Order 3

Now, let’s add a new item to your order. 

Portal New Order 4

Step Three: Choose a Location 

Portal New Order 5

Step Four: Choose Screen Type & Colour

Next, enter your width, drop, and choose one of the available screen types. 

Portal New Order 6

Now select your screen style, grade, and frame colour. Use the search bar to search for specific colours, or scroll down to see our list of standard, non standard, and special colours. 

Portal New Order 7

Step Five: Adding Accessories 

The final step is to add your accessories and any other available options. In this case, Hopper Hatches, Midrails, Mullions, and Out of Square measurements. 

Portal New Order 8

Step Six: Saving & Completing the Order 

When you’re done, you can save the item, save & create a new item, or save & clone the item. 

Portal New Order 9

Now that the item has been added, we can continue to add items to the same location or a new location. 

Portal New Order 10

When you’re done entering your items, you can send the order, send an estimate, send a quote or submit your order to production. 

Portal New Order 11

Get in Touch

Creating a new order has never been so easy or convenient thanks to Starline’s innovative ordering portal. To make use of our amazing system, sign up as a Starline dealer today by going to

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