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Broken glass without security film

Brisbane Glass Security Film Installation

With over 25 years of experience, Starline Security in Brisbane provide professional security film installation services to protect your home or business’ glass. Our friendly team works closely with our clients to understand their needs and security environment, so we can find the perfect security film solution for you. We take your security seriously and have extensive experience in our security film’s effectiveness, ensuring your safety.

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What does Security Film do?

Security film works like a laminated window panel, only better, and is applied after glass installation. When impacted hard enough to shatter, glass glued to the film remains intact preventing entry.  Even when continually impacted after shattering, the security film keeps the shattered pieces together for a long period of time before being able to be ripped apart. Thieves, vandals and other intruders will likely give up before getting in, and if they do, they’ll have wasted valuable minutes.

Usually, 4mil security film is perfect for the 4mm glass in most homes, though we have thicker window films where greater security is required and your glass is thicker. Made in Israel, by Hanita Films our security film is heavy-duty and designed to stand up to just about anything that gets thrown at it. If you’ve got specific security requirements and need a film that can stand up to harsh impacts, give us a call on 07 3272 2974 and we’ll evaluate your security needs to find the right film for you. We can go up to 15mil thick, (for glass thicknesses 10mm or higher) which will hold up to even ballistic grade impacts.

Ultimate Security Package:

For those requiring the ultimate in glass protection, we also provide window and door security screen technology to deter and prevent break-ins. We install a range of high-quality security screen products, including the industry-leading Xceed and SecureView range, each using the innovative 3M VHB adhesive in place of rivets and screws to hold up for much longer during an attack. Powder-coating is available in just about any colour you desire to suit existing glass windows and doors. Enquire about a combination security film and security screen quote for the ultimate in home invasion security protection.

Security Films

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