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Magnetic Fly Screens for Brisbane Properties

Magnetic fly screens are flexible and almost invisible. They blend perfectly for casement windows, awning or hopper windows requiring internal screens, while still providing easy access to operate and clean the area. Simply peel back to open and close your window, as the screen is instantly removable and fully washable. This product is also ideal for windows with security bars and grilles.

A wide range of applications for your magnetic screens

Suitable for both wood and aluminium frames, the self-adhesive magnetic base strips offer reliable installation and long-lasting wear. As the magnetic fly screen frames are only 13mm wide and 5mm thick, they easily fit behind blinds and curtains for discrete protection against insects.

Our screens also provide high-grade security

If safety is a concern for your Brisbane property, our magnetic fly screens are designed for safe and simple cleaning from the inside of your home – there’s no need to remove the frames in order to tidy up the area; this product will keep your home safe at all times.

Magnetic screens also adapt to European style PVC double glazed windows which do not have screen provisions. This versatility allows you to easily install our magnetic fly screens on a wide range of applications.

Contact us in Brisbane for more information

We offer competitive prices on each service, giving every local household the opportunity to install the fly screens. By sourcing the best products and installing in the most efficient way possible, we offer a level of service that is simply unparalleled.

If you’re like to find out more about our screens for properties, of the types of circumstances that they are suitable for, please get in touch with our professional experts. We’re always more than happy to provide reliable advice and answer any questions.


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