Product Description

Hard Core is more than just a name. These superior security screens have an inner core of hard alloy steel encased in an aluminium shell. So while these have the entire look and properties that steel security screens can offer, it’s an aluminium door so will not corrode or rust.

That’s why our Hard Core range comes with a 10-year warranty.

What else makes the Hard Core range the superior security screen?
The hard alloy steel core is tougher than tradition steel, making it difficult to cut. But there are even further features that make Hard Core the superior security screen, including an open design that:

  • Makes it easy to see through;
  • Easy to clean; and
  • Allows more light and breeze through for greater comfort in your home.

Also the Hard Core security screen is fully welded for maximum strength and they come in some wonderful designs. One range even includes a stained wood insert with heavy duty security grade cast designs. See our Rae case study to see just how the combination of Starline Security’s experience and the strength and versatility of the Hard Core door range combines to provide unrivaled security solutions.

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