Faux Wood Shutters Are The Perfect Window Furnishing

  • Fantastic light control
  • Excellent privacy control
  • Ventilation while providing privacy.
  • Open fully to view out.
  • Sturdy and steady while providing ventilation. Doesn’t flap about like some blinds can.
  • Thermal control.
  • Long lasting
  • Economical

What is the benefit of faux wood?

This type of shutters have the look of real wood but are cheaper, more durable, and lower in maintenance.  The style of shutters is made from synthetic materials. They are available in a number of options just like regular wooden shutters.  Our Faux wood shutters are available in white, eggshell, cream and off white.

Benefits of Faux wood shutters

These shutters are an excellent alternative to Wood Shutters for several reasons.  They are less prone to warping, splitting or cracking like you would with real wood materials.  They are also very simple to clean and maintain.  Simply dust off with a feather duster or wipe marks with a damp cloth.

They are also much more flexible than real wood shutters in terms of where they can be used.  Because they are practically impervious to moisture, you can use them in bathrooms and kitchens, areas where timber is not typically used.

They also will not fade and can stand up to even the sunniest of rooms.  The shutter material does not mark or scratch very easily, so they are ideal for use in kids’ bedrooms, kids’ playrooms or if you have pets.

The cost is another real benefit of faux wood.  The style of wood is cheaper than real timber shutters but you still get the look of the real timber shutter. Luxury on a budget.  And what’s even better is that they are so long lasting compared to timber shutters.

They are also the environmentally friendly option.  This is because they can be made from recycled materials and are able to be recycled again once their effective lifespan is over.

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