Plantation Shutters in Brisbane

We have a wide range of plantation shutters and screens in our Brisbane showroom to suit virtually any application and budget.

Our aluminium products are part of our premium window selection. Because they are security grade, no other type of screen or security bars are needed. Insect screenable, these are available in configurations even I haven’t thought of. If you are wondering whether these products will suit your application: yes, they will.


These window screens are also Australian made, so the lead time is usually under four weeks from check measure to installation and can be done in as little as five working days. If you are thinking that this product range is the one for you, then contact our Brisbane team to see how competitively we can price these fantastic additions to your home.

Our aluminium selection includes quality imported products that are fully custom made to fit your application. They are strong and weather resistant, therefore making them ideal for external uses. We have aluminium plantation shutters and screens ranging from $490/m2 to $790/m2, depending on the size and installation type/style. They provide a strong, functional solution, without going to the added expense of using security grade plantation shutters, if you do not require a screen that will keep intruders out of your Brisbane property.

Our basswood range adds style and functionality to any room, and is available in a number of wood finishes. They can be used in sliding door applications, as the strength of the basswood blade allows spans of up to 900mm wide in one panel. Our beautiful Basswood products are available from as little at $360/m2.

Lastly, we have our most popular fully custom-made imported solution by far: the Fauxwood or PVC range. You will find these are sold under various names such as Thermoshield, PVC, compressed PVC, wood alternatives, and many other permutations. They are a very economic product, starting from as little as $260/m2 fully installed. They are primarily for use as a window furnishing, having the added advantage of lightness, ease of cleaning and thermal control, however, they are perfectly suitable for sliding door applications as well. These are available in three shades of white, and we highly recommend this range if you require white or non-wood finish products.

All of our custom-made imported plantation shutters and window screens have a lead time of between 6 and 10 weeks.

Looking for a company that sells high quality window screens and louvres in Brisbane? Call us on 0732745911 to make an appointment to come into our showroom.

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