I am a Starline Security Dealer. Can I return wrong screens for credit?

Ever wondered whether you can return security screens from Starline Security for credit? Read our latest article to discover the different financial and logistical costs that determine how we approach products that are deemed “incorrect” by the customer, and how we always work to match your orders precisely.

This article and its answers is directed to our Dealers and any DIY customers. This article does not apply to retail customers where one of our dealers is doing the job for you.

What happens when I order the wrong security screen from Starline Security? What if I’ve ordered them and I discover I’ve made a mistake with the size, shape, type or colour? Can I return the screen to Starline Security for any type of credit?

The short answer to this question is no, you can’t send a product back to us for credit. Unfortunately security screens can’t be wrapped back up in a box and returned to us, primarily because they can’t be resold to someone else as a new product. There are several reasons for this, and we are going to talk through each of them in this article.

Custom Made Screens

Firstly, every security screen that comes from Starline Security is custom made to the exact specifications you ordered them at in our online Ordering Portal. We tailor our products to match whatever details are given to us when you create your order through our 100% online portal. From there, we manufacture to these specifications – from the sizes to the colours to the lock heights you have entered. Every item is customised to match your needs, which makes it impossible to resell those same products to a different customer.

Secureview Detail

Labour Costs

Furthermore, there is a large labour cost that would come from re-making the products even if they were returned to us. The act of pulling it apart, storing it, and putting it back together would account for a huge portion of the total cost of the product, so at Starline Security, we see little value in attempting to do this.

Freight Expenses

One of the biggest reasons we don’t take back screens has to do with freight expenses and logistics. As a wholesale business selling and distributing our products to dealers all around Australia, we subsidise the outbound freight cost to our dealers by a significant amount. But we are not prepared to do the same for return freight charges.

Ugly Freight. Security screens and doors are custom made to large and different sizes. In the freight industry, unusual and larger sized items are called “ugly freight”. This isn’t to say that the products are visually displeasing, only that their unique sizings means they don’t fit neatly within regular pallets. This further increases the logistical costs.

New vs Second-hand Products

However, even if we could get around the previous reasons why we can’t accept returns this reason is the final nail in this issue’s coffin.

Starline Security doesn’t take back screens which have been incorrectly ordered because we cannot sell second-hand goods as new. We consider all our products to be second-hand as soon as we deliver them to one of our qualified dealers. Any scuffs, scratches or other damage that may potentially occur at a dealers premises through loading, unloading, attempting to install and then returning that screen to the dealers premises renders that screen second hand. Add onto that any damage that may occur on the return freight journey and we can’t resell that product as a “new” screen to another dealer now can we? Would you be happy if your new screen we supplied to you was made up from parts pulled apart from other dealers’ mistakes? Yes/No? I don’t think so.

Our Mistake

There is one time when Starline Security will not only insist that you return your screen or door for credit but Starline Security will freight it back to us at our expense. When is this? When you notify us that we have made a mistake and manufactured the screen or door outside of your original orders specifications. As soon as you notify us of our mistake we will remake your screen or door and ship the replacement out to you ASAP. Of course if the “wrong” screen or door is not returned to us or when it is returned it matches your original order specifications well within our manufacturing tolerances and norms that would leave us with no option but to invoice you for the original and the replacement product.

At Starline Security we strive to make every product exactly as per your order specifications as you have entered all the information into our Ordering Portal. However, we humbly admit that we too make mistakes. When we do we will re-make the product to your original order specifications and get it to you as soon as we can – free of charge. All we expect our dealers to do is to return the wrongly made item to us at our expense. Upon receiving a verified wrongly made item we will credit your account that same day.

We hope this article has cleared up any questions surrounding dealers or DIY customers returning products for credit that don’t comply with your home’s requirements. Or to put it rather bluntly, when you’ve stuffed up your order you can’t send it back for credit. Sorry. Starline Security will always strive to make the best products that match the details provided to us by you via our online Ordering Portal.

Our friendly team is always excited to talk about any questions regarding our security screens and their installation. Give us a call on 07 3272 2974.

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