How to Order and Install Starline Security Products in Rural Areas

Living rural means you sometime just have to get things done yourself, and security doors and screens are no exception. While we usually do not allow customers to order and install their own security screens, we are open to making an exception for rural customers who have no local dealer available. Learn more in our latest article.

Do you live rural and have no dealers that service your area?

Starline Security has fond ties with the rural and farming community, with the owner Ben Morris having grown up on a vegetable and tobacco farm. We understand that often there will not be a qualified dealer available in these areas and you just have to get the job done yourself. Due to this, we have made some exceptions to our usual dealer only practices to allow farmers and those from rural areas to order our products directly from our online OrderingPortal and complete a DIY installation.

It is not an easy process to order and install screens yourself, and we recommend that you spend time watching our educational videos and read our blogs and articles closely on how to do it.

How it works

Usually, we would send a qualified dealer to you to do a check-measure who will be responsible for ensuring those measurements are exact to the millimetre and are correct for your screens. You then need to log onto the online portal and place your order – another process for which you’ll need to watch the ‘how to’ videos first.

Once you’ve ordered, your products will be assembled and shipped to you, where you will need to complete the installation yourself.

Again, you will want to access our online resources before getting started as every brand, style and size of window will have a different installation method.

So, while it is not easy, it is possible. And we are open to providing rural customers with access to all of the online ordering and educational resources that we provide to dealers and qualified tradesmen so that they can complete the measure and order process themselves.

Getting Started

If this is something that you’re interested in doing, then the first step is to put an application through the portal website; in the qualifications field mention that you are rural and remote and that there is no dealer that services your area. Once you do that, we’ll give you a call and provide you with access to the wholesale OrderingPortal. From there you’ll have access to everything you need to order all of our different types of screens and doors online.

In regard to how long it takes to manufacture your order, 5-10 working days is the average depending on what you order. Once paid for and manufactured, your order will be ready to be shipped.

Usually, our rural and farming customers prefer to organise their own freight as they have a better idea of who the local freight companies are, and who offers the best pricing to their area. So, you can organise the package to be picked up – which will be packed and crated up for you – and have it delivered to your property.

Want to get started?

If you’d like to get started, head to our online OrderingPortal by clicking the button below or call us on 07 3272 2974 to book an obligation free discussion.

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