How Long is My Job Going to Take?

You’ve received your estimate, completed your check-measure and placed your order – how long will the rest of the job take to manufacture and install your new screens? Find out in our latest article.

The number one question we get asked once a customer has placed their order is ‘how long is my job going to take?’

The lead time on manufacturing your screens and doors will vary depending on a few factors. The main one is the time of year – we generally get the screen made twice as quickly in Winter as we do in Summer. This is because more people are ordering their screens in summer, and the demand is a lot higher. When you place your order there will be more orders already in the queue before we can get to yours. As we can’t hire additional staff just for Summer and then fire them in Winter, we are somewhat constrained by our staffing limitations during our peak seasons.

Seasonality extends to the installation as well – we only engage experienced dealers and tradespeople to install our products. Training these people takes years, so it is difficult to fast track them just for a few months of the year when we see a spike in orders.

How Fast Can We Get an Order Done?

Keeping in mind that an order in Summer might take twice as long as an order in Winter, the steps involved in all orders are:

1. Quoting: You might already have an estimate that you received from our online portal, but that is not the same as a quote. To receive your final quote, we’ll need to send a qualified tradesperson out to check-measure and confirm all of the details (style, colour, specifications) from your estimate.

The check measure is usually able to be done within a day or two in Winter and a week in Summer from when you decide you want to move forward with your estimate.

2. Manufacturing: The next step is the manufacturing stage. The main variable in this stage is whether you’re getting a powder coat colour – this can add up to 5 days to the manufacturing process. If you aren’t getting a powder coat colour then you are looking at 3-10 working days, depending on how many orders are before yours.

3. Installation: Once your products have been manufactured and are ready to go, your dealer will book in your installation date. They will not be able to book this in until the products are manufactured because of the variation in manufacturing times.

The two variables that will need to be considered here are freight and seasonality. Freight for the products to be transported from our Acacia Ridge facility in Brisbane to your dealer’s premises. Seasonality because again, they might be booked 1-2 weeks in advance in the warmer months, while in Winter it might only be 1-2 days in advance.

Keeping all of that information in mind, the lead time from approving your initial estimate through to having your new security screens and doors installed will usually fall between 2-4 weeks.

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