Can I buy my security screens off Starline Security supply only?

We do not sell our security screens and products direct to the public to install themselves. We do however have a wholesale dealer program.

Yes. But only if you know what you are doing

If you are wondering if it is possible to purchase wholesale screens from Starline Security to install yourself, the answer is yes. However, there are some criteria that you will need to meet to become a Starline Security wholesale dealer.


Licensing & Compliance

The main requirement for becoming a wholesale dealer for Starline Security is licensing.

We sell our screens and doors to qualified tradesmen. We are assuming that a wholesale dealer who buys our screens is intending to resell those screens and install them in their customer’s homes. To do that, a dealer will need to be trade qualified.

Each state differs in the specific licensing required; in Queensland, security screens and doors dealers are required to hold a QBCC ‘non-structural metal fabrication’ or higher licence for all jobs they sell and install over $3300.

Applying for a License

To apply for a licence a dealer must have at least two years of experience measuring and installing security screens and doors. This can include glass and glazing or other complimentary trades, as well as those that have worked with windows and doors for at least two years.

Most licences include a management and business skills component which is fairly easy to obtain for a trade licence. The level of skill required to ensure that a dealer is competent enough to be able to measure and install screens without making mistakes is the most difficult element of the license to obtain..


Occasionally we will approve a new dealer application from a dealer who is currently in the process of obtaining their licence. When this happens, we will vet each new dealer application to ensure they meet the minimum requirements to apply for the required licence if they are currently unlicensed.

One of the main factors to this vetting process is experience. Many dealers have let their licences lapse but can demonstrate decades of experience. In this instance we are more than happy to sell our screens to this dealer.

Essentially if a dealer is in a position to be able to apply for, and it is highly likely their licence application will be granted without issue or delay, then they can become a Starline Security dealer and buy our screens and doors supply only.

In essence, we will only approve wholesale supply only dealer applications from people or businesses who know what they are doing.

Interested in becoming a Starline Security supply only dealer?

Get in touch on 07 3272 2974. Or apply via our Ordering Portal application form.

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